Puzzle Quests: A Missing Piece in Horizon Franchise

Horizon 3, Puzzle Elements
Horizon 3, Puzzle Elements

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West both never had any missions based on solving a mysterious puzzle. This type of element is popular among gamers, and those games already contain riddles required some time to be solved are getting more attention. Should Horizon 3 include puzzle elements?

Benefits of Puzzle Elements

Addition of elements of enigmas in the next Horizon series can be really advantageous. Since HZD and HFW never owned any element Aloy has to think about a lot in order to find its answer, this will create a new type of occasion for those fans of Horizon franchise. The games only had such situations in which Aloy could find the solution by jumping over obstacles, fighting with deadly machines, and probably, lifting or pushing an item. For instance, Relic Ruins or Cauldrons were types of quests asking Aloy to explore an arena to either seek and find a priceless item or discover the override tech of new types of machines. However, none have any problematic and difficult puzzles, and by exploring the area, the quests can be readily finished.

What Type of Puzzles Can Be Added?

Horizon 3, Puzzle Elements

Puzzles can vary in size, shape, and difficulty. Some can be very simple, some extremely challenging, even required to watch someone’s stream to learn. Picture this, a game such as Prince of Persia was one of the first games containing diverse puzzles. Starting from The Sands of Time to The Forgotten Sands all had many elements of puzzles. Additional salient example of a popular video game is Uncharted series, which had many moments that Nathan, or Chloe in Lost Legacy, would have to solve a strange issue. Since the puzzles of these games are completely related to their stories, bringing riddles to the upcoming Horizon game should also be relevant to the story.


To sum up, since Guerrilla Games studio decided not to bring any puzzle elements in HZD and HFW, creating such quests in Horizon 3 in which Aloy, instead of iteratively fighting with a bandit or machine and in a tranquil situation, should participate in trial-and-error game, will provide a unique experience for her numerous fans.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible on PC and PS4, and Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5.

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