Horizon Forbidden West, Top 6 Best Soundtracks

Horizon Forbidden West, Six Best Soundtracks
Horizon Forbidden West, Six Best Soundtracks

Horizon Forbidden West‘s soundtrack is fantastic. With 142 unique songs, Guerrilla Games greatly expanded the musical options compared to Zero Dawn‘s 80 tracks. Though all are great, a few deserve special praise for improving players’ connection to Aloy’s adventure.

6- A Promise to Uphold

The song “A Promise to Uphold” first heard in an early trailer, ranks at the bottom here. Sung operatically by Julie Elven, it stirs emotions but there are other choices better match music and gameplay.

5- Solace Beneath the Stars

“Solace Beneath the Stars” uses violin tunes to inspire wonder during Aloy’s solo forest walks. The gentle pace highlights her bond with nature in these quiet reflective moments. Even amidst chaotic battles like against Erik, this song ironically contrasts – brutal action set to peaceful strings.

4- The World on Her Shoulders

With faster rhythm, “The World on Her Shoulders” employs driving guitar and urgent strings as Aloy climbs tall buildings and The Zeniths’ fortresses. The beat captures her resolve in these climactic ascents. It’s like an action movie montage, pushing Aloy’s mission forward.

3- No Footfalls to Follow

For more relaxed open world wandering, “No Footfalls to Follow” sets the mood. Its thoughtful piano tune and atmospheric synth background perfectly fit Aloy’s Sunwing flights. When backing Morlund’s hot air balloon ride in his side quest, this track amplifies his innocent excitement, letting players fully appreciate the post-apocalyptic Earth.

2- Rusted Sands

Another violin piece, “Rusted Sands” conveys bittersweet emotion. After draining and exploring the flooded city, this song plays as Aloy returns, capturing POSEIDON subordinate function on the old world’s ruins.

1- In the Flood

Horizon Forbidden West, Six Best Soundtracks

But the top pick is “In the Flood” with haunting vocals by Ariana Gillis. Heard when Aloy heads into the Forbidden West, its lyrics poetically depict her courage against the unknown. Like a meaningful musical compass, this impactful song guides players with Aloy as her epic quest starts. With a catchy melody and inspirational chorus, it provides an unforgettable anthem for her journey.

Listen to “In the Flood”

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Horizon Forbidden West is currently available on PS4 and PS5.

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