Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Locations

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Places
Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Places

Horizon Forbidden West’s stunning open world is a virtual photographer’s paradise. But some regions stand above the rest as truly iconic landscapes. Here are 5 of the best photo hotspots:

5. The Daunt

Horizon Forbidden West Top 5 Best Places The Daunt

First up is The Daunt, the starting zone surrounded by mountains. Its diversity of biomes like sandy cliffs, green meadows and azure coves provide a taste of the beauty to come. As a prologue, The Daunt excites the imagination for adventures ahead. Its compact size overflows with photogenic vistas.

4. Dunehollow

Horizon Forbidden West Top 5 Best Places Dunehollow

The neon ruins of Las Vegas, cloaked as Dunehollow, the location of “The Sea of Sands” main quest, also dazzle through the lens. Though quickly passed through, its eroded casinos frozen in time create poignant shots. Wandering its once lively streets captures Dunehollow’s faded glory in a visually striking way.

3. No Man’s Land

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Places (Dunehollow)

As the name saliently interprets, No Man’s Land may see mysterious dangers, not only from terrifying machines but also from its tribes. But its natural wonders astound. Cascading waterfalls, crimson canyons, and smoky peaks make exceptional backdrops. Majestic photos await around every corner, especially near settlements. It’s a goldmine for stunning in-game wallpapers.

2. Plainsong

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Places (Plainsong)

Among Horizon Forbidden West’s many striking locales, the village of Plainsong stands out as an almost fantastical oasis. With its network of wooden bridges connecting settlements built atop ruined satellite dishes, Plainsong looks straight out of Middle-earth. In addition to featuring awe-inspiring highlights, several merchants offer priceless armours and weapons for battles ahead.

1. The Isle of Spires

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Places (San Francisco)

But the top spot goes to The Isle of Spires. The crumbling remains of San Francisco also inspire wonder, though they play a smaller role than expected given their prominence in marketing. Nonetheless, wandering through the reclaimed skyscrapers and dense overgrowth proves captivating.

The towering buildings now draped in vines are striking remnants of the old world. Nature has consumed nearly every visible trace of the past, creating a poignant post-apocalyptic landscape. The underwater sections around the island further illustrate the flooded ruins, hammering home humanity’s fall.

Horizon Forbidden West’s diverse biomes and structures create limitless photographic potential. Each location provides its own visual flavor, from the lively neon guts of Vegas to green-covered buildings of San Francisco. Wherever Aloy journeys, her world overflows with sights demanding to be preserved in-game. So next time you play, indulge your inner photographer.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5.

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