Baldur’s Gate 3 Devs Investigate PS5 Crashes

Baldur's Gate 3 PlayStation 5 Crashes
Baldur's Gate 3 PlayStation 5 Crashes

Frustrating crashes are marring the PS5 version of acclaimed RPG Baldur’s Gate 3. The issues seemingly stem from network problems, leaving developer Larian Studios puzzled. As they investigate a permanent fix, a simple workaround temporarily resolves the crashes.

Lauded upon its 2020 early access debut, Baldur’s Gate 3 hasn’t been immune to technical troubles. From Steam Deck performance hitches to various bugs, Larian has worked diligently on improvements. But for PS5 players, frustrating crashes are the latest hurdle.

Crashes Seemingly Tied to PSN Issues

In a tweet on social site Twitter, Larian confirmed awareness of crashes potentially tied to PSN problems. While probing the exact cause, they advise a simple interim solution – disconnecting from the internet altogether. This unorthodox tip appears to stabilise the PS5 version, letting adventurers continue uninterrupted.

It demonstrates Larian’s responsiveness to user feedback. Each patch seeks to refine the anticipated RPG experience fans expect. Players can be confident more permanent crash fixes are coming. For now, going offline seems the key to smooth play.

Of course, this prevents online co-op, a defining D&D feature. But local multiplayer remains an option for those unwilling to isolate their heroes. And the game’s engrossing world and storytelling still provide motivation to press on solo.

Despite lingering technical quirks, the game’s immense depth continues enthralling fans. The developers have earned patience by consistently listening to players and addressing issues. The Xbox Series version is due out at some point in the future with exact date as of this writing currently unknown. So if the devs can iron out all the plagues and issues the game suffers now, it should be ready when it eventually hits Microsoft’s console.

Teething Issues Expected for Huge RPGs

Baldur's Gate 3 PlayStation 5 Issues

Teething problems are expected for huge RPGs with myriad moving parts. What matters most is developer transparency and commitment to ironing out problems. On both fronts, Larian delivers. A recent bug that was tweaked was where companions were far too eager to romance players at launch.

Hopefully the crashes are swiftly resolved to allow proper online play. But the top rated 2023 title’s strong foundations should withstand this latest turmoil.

With expansions and features still planned, there is much more adventure to come. Once these network gremlins are banished, players can fully embrace this realisation of tabletop magic.

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For now, going offline lets PS5 users progress their stories smoothly while awaiting a more permanent solution. It’s a mild inconvenience for an otherwise phenomenal RPG brimming with possibilities.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for Windows PC and PS5 with an Xbox Series X/S version currently in development.

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