Baldur’s Gate 3 Hides Free Digital Goodies in Steam Folder

Baldur's Gate 3 Digital Deluxe Freebies on Steam
Baldur's Gate 3 Digital Deluxe Freebies on Steam

Baldur’s Gate 3 surprises dedicated Early Access supporters with a free Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade, granting the soundtrack and artbook. However, initially finding these downloaded extras within Steam’s labyrinthine file structure proves obscure. Following simple steps expedites accessing these spoiler-filled rewards.

After almost 3 years in Early Access, Baldur’s Gate 3’s full launch rewarded loyal fans with this complimentary upgrade. But while claiming in-game items comes intuitively at camp, locating the music and PDF artbook buried in Steam’s directories seems cryptic. However, a brief detour retrieves these freebies.

Follow Simple Steps to Open The Folder

  • Locate Baldur’s Gate 3 in your Steam games collection.
  • Perform a right click on Baldur’s Gate 3 and choose Properties from the context menu.
  • In the Properties window, click the “Installed Files” option to open the installation directory.
  • Inside the installation folder, open the subfolder named DigitalDeluxe to find the free artbook and soundtrack files.

Note considerable spoilers within the artbook’s pages. Those averse to such revelations should postpone perusing until completing their inaugural playthrough. However, the music poses less risk of premature spoilage.

Accessing these files directly circumvents installing separate unlocker applications. Baldur’s Gate 3 nestles its bonus content neatly alongside existing data, awaiting users prepared to briefly dig. Recently there were free Twitch drops for simply watching streams of the title which we reported on a few days ago.

Reward From Larian for Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access Support

Obtaining these complimentary files rewards Early Access dedication. Larian could have easily monetised the upgrade, but opted for goodwill gestures towards their most fervent followers instead. Their generosity reflects conscientious craft and community care.

However, the sublime artbook epitomises amounts of unseen effort dedicated to realising Baldur’s Gate 3’s vast scope. Every creature and location receives lavish attention, elevating them from imagination into immersive reality through talent and technology.

Likewise, the soundtrack complements this prodigious undertaking via stirring orchestral compositions. Both elements enhance appreciation for Larian’s audacious goal to meet expectations set by seminal predecessors. Their passion manifests in details.

For fledgling adventurers, these insights must wait, avoiding narrative spoilage. But afterwards, the Digital Deluxe Edition’s treasures add priceless context about Baldur’s Gate 3’s development journey, collected conveniently alongside the game itself. The RPG is currently the highest rated game of the year on Metacritic which has made waves in the gaming sphere.

So upon installing, briefly explore Baldur’s Gate 3’s files to uncover where Larian buried the goods. The hunt for enrichment both within and behind the artistry persists. When acclaim deservedly comes, credit often remains unseen. So go beyond the surface and appreciate the depths.

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