Quake 4 Available Free on GOG for Prime Gaming Subscribers

Amazon Prime Gaming Quake 4
Amazon Prime Gaming Quake 4

QuakeCon festivities continue with Prime Gaming subscribers gaining temporary complimentary access to 2005’s Quake 4. Until September 14th, members can redeem codes to acquire id Software’s acclaimed extraterrestrial FPS free of charge via GOG. This comes shortly after similar Prime offerings for remasters of Quake and Quake 2.

2005 Alien Shooter Quake 4 Now on GOG Redemption

Initially launching for PC and Xbox 360, Quake 4 deployed Raven Software’s id Tech 4 engine previously used in Doom 3. Gunning down invading Strogg aliens as elite marine corporal Matthew Kane furthered its belligerent narrative following Quake 2’s events. Bethesda’s later id Software acquisition facilitated handling subsequent Quake property re-releases like 2011’s Steam Quake 4 arrival.

Now Prime subscribers can briefly relive blasting hostile aliens during QuakeCon celebrations. Once claimed from Prime Gaming before September 14th, codes remain redeemable on GOG for an additional month. Separately, Steam currently discounts Quake 4 by $4.99 until August 16th, granting bargain access.

The included multiplayer modes like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag allow assuming marine or Strogg roles to battle friends. This provides plenty of chaotic entertainment options for those missing Quake 4’s vintage run-and-gun carnage. The timed Prime Gaming giveaway provides the perfect opportunity to rediscover why Quake’s fast-paced Arena shooter heritage remains cherished.

Alongside Other Monthly Prime Game Offerings

Quake titles joined Prime Gaming’s offerings previously in December 2022, when Quake Remastered codes debuted on the Epic Games Store. With QuakeCon presently ongoing, this new Quake 4 promotion syncs sensitively with current festivities, inviting new fans to join the frantic fun.

Alongside Quake 4, August adds Payday 2, Farming Simulator 19 and Blade Assault to Prime’s diverse rotating game library. Regular refreshing guarantees continual value and variety for subscribers. Prime’s free game generosity shows no signs of waning.

For id Software aficionados, claiming Quake 4 for a limited span offers nostalgia and gameplay history lessons for less. The series’ pioneering 1990s shooters influenced countless successors, making revisiting the franchises’s origins fascinating even today. There’s always merit in understanding gaming’s rich lineage.

So blast away at hostile extraterrestrials while you still can! Quake 4’s temporary arrival spotlights FPS foundations ahead of the inevitable future. Our medium grows by honouring its past. With Prime Gaming’s help, glimpse innovations that laid groundwork for modern triumphs.

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