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Amazon Prime reward for Overwatch 2 gives players Battle Pass boost

Overwatch 2 Amazon Prime Bonus
Overwatch 2 Amazon Prime Bonus
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Amazon Prime members can now take advantage of a new benefit that makes it easier to climb the 80 tiers of Overwatch 2’s season 4 battle pass. Fans of the game are looking for any advantage they can get to make the grind less challenging.

On April 11th, season 4 of Overwatch 2 was released, featuring the game’s newest hero, Lifeweaver. As a support hero, Lifeweaver brings unique displacement mechanics to the game, including the ability to create floral platforms and pull allies towards them. However, this new feature has also raised concerns about potential griefing and game-throwing. Despite this, the release of season 4 and its battle pass has been well-received by fans of the game.

Prime Members Bonus

Amazon Prime members who play Overwatch 2 can now receive a boost on their season 4 battle pass, earning five tiers for free. The battle pass system is a recent addition to the game. With the first pass debuting with Overwatch 2’s launch, and has since undergone modifications. While Blizzard has adjusted the XP requirements for battle pass progression, it has not altered its controversial decision to include new heroes on the premium track. Nonetheless, the battle passes continue to be popular among players, and the Amazon Prime benefit is sure to be a welcome perk for subscribers.

Amazon Prime has been offering its members hundreds of in-game rewards for various games, and the rewards for April 2023 include Overwatch 2 for the first time. It is unclear whether this is a one-time reward or the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Blizzard and Amazon. However, for players who have had trouble completing the previous battle passes in the last three seasons of Overwatch 2, this five-tier skip should help a lot.

The first-person shooter is a relatively new game, and while it is still waiting for its promised PvE campaign, the additions made so far have been well-received by fans. The inclusion of Overwatch 2 in Amazon Prime’s rewards program is a positive sign for players who have been critical of the game’s battle pass monetisation strategy. This reward is a welcome surprise and may indicate a potential long-term partnership between Blizzard and Amazon.

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