Pokemon GO Players Express Disappointment Over Release Timing of Raid Feature

Pokemon Go Raids
Pokemon Go Raids
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Pokemon GO players have criticised the timing of the game’s latest update, which added a highly requested feature to the raid mechanic. Fans have expressed disappointment, calling it “too little, too late,” especially given the ongoing controversy surrounding the game. Despite the game’s sustained success, recent changes to the Pokemon GO experience have left some fans frustrated, including the removal of popular Remote Raid items. It has been a strange month for the mobile title, which has faced backlash from its dedicated fanbase.

In an effort to encourage players to visit physical locations for raids, Niantic announced significant changes to the Remote Raid item last month. However, the increase in item prices and limitations on usage have led to backlash from many players, particularly those who rely on Remote Raid for accessibility reasons. The outcry has been significant, with some players boycotting the game, starting petitions, and even selling their accounts.

Niantic has made a small update to Pokemon GO, adding a feature that has been heavily requested by fans for a long time. Players can now see the number of active raiders waiting in the lobby, making it easier to find active raids. However, the update comes at a time when players are still upset over the changes made to Remote Raid items. Despite the addition of the new feature, it seems that many fans are still unhappy with Niantic’s recent decisions. Check out some of the angry fan reactions below from subReddit.

Angry Reactions From Fans

This isn’t the only thing that’s annoying the dedicated fanbase either. Regidrago and Regieleki are the two latest arrivals in Pokemon GO, and they have presented a significant challenge to players, with a catch rate of only 2% compared to the usual 6%. Despite the frustration this has caused among fans, Niantic has yet to respond to the criticism or offer any explanation for the lowered catch rate. As a result, players are finding it increasingly difficult to catch these new Pokemon, no matter what they try.

Pokemon GO can be downloaded and played on both Android and iOS devices.

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