Minecraft bug simplifies the process of getting a rare achievement

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One Minecraft player has discovered a glitch that makes it easier to obtain one of the game’s rarest achievements, which requires killing a Ghast in the Overworld dimension. While this particular advancement can be quite challenging, the game’s community has found various other exploits over the years, leading some players to attempt speedrunning the game and achieving all of its advancements in a single run.

Despite being a task that may appear easy for players who have advanced far into Minecraft, obtaining the “Uneasy Alliance” achievement is a rare feat accomplished by only a small percentage of players. The challenge involves baiting a Ghast from the Nether into the Overworld and defeating it, a task made difficult by the creature’s fast movement, high damage, and inconsistent hitbox.

The difficulty of obtaining the Uneasy Alliance achievement in Minecraft is mainly due to the Ghast’s characteristics, such as its fast movement speed, high damage output, and elusive hitbox. These traits make it challenging for players to lure the flying mob into the Overworld using a lead. Moreover, Ghasts are only found in Minecraft’s Nether dimension, and their size often requires players to build a big Nether portal to access them and unlock the achievement through the conventional method.

Reddit User Shares The Glitch

User TSlyme1, a Minecraft player, accidentally discovered an easier way to get the challenging Uneasy Alliance achievement. In a post on Reddit, they shared a video showing how they fired an arrow while leaving the Nether through a portal, and by chance, it hit a Ghast at the exact moment they were crossing dimensions. This timely shot awarded them the achievement as the Ghast technically died while the player was in the Overworld. This newfound strategy could prove useful for players attempting all-advancement Minecraft speedruns.

The achievement earned by TSlyme1 may prove to be a valuable discovery for Minecraft players who struggle with obtaining Uneasy Alliance. The player managed to obtain the achievement by firing an arrow at a Ghast just as they were crossing between dimensions through a portal, causing the Ghast to technically die in the Overworld. While this method was performed on a multiplayer server with a high ping, it may still be possible to replicate in singleplayer due to the way Nether and Overworld chunks are loaded. Some players have even suggested using redstone-wired TNT or other methods to better control the timing of the kill.

The Nether dimension in Minecraft received a major revamp in 2020 with the Nether Update, introducing new biomes, structures, and mobs, which in turn opened up more Nether-related advancements. This led many players in the Minecraft community to wonder if the End dimension would receive a similar treatment in a future update. The End dimension, which is comparatively barren and lacking in content, has a lot of untapped potential that could be explored with new updates.

Minecraft is accessible on a wide range of platforms including mobile, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC and various legacy platforms.

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