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Minecraft Xbox 360

XBLA Minecraft Update Is Causing Problems

4J Studios released a title update for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft yesterday. Since the title update 9 went live, there’s been continuous problems and issues with saving the game and some bizarre lighting glitches. There have been loads of reported issues from gamers who’re not happy with what the title has to […]

Tomb Raider Glitches & Bugs Fix Coming

GeForce have announced that they are well aware of all the glitches and bugs that have surrounded the Tomb Raider game. They have said that they are working closely with Crystal Dynamics to address all the problems occurring. The stability and performance will be corrected accordingly and they plan to do this as quickly as […]

EA Say No Patch For Dead Space 3 Farming Glitch

EA have come out this week and said that the new farming glitch in their new game Dead Space 3, will not receive a patch. The game has only just been released last week and this news will be music to the fans ears. There has been a gamer that found the glitch only a […]

DMC In Game Glitches

We are not taking anything away from an absolutely outstanding game and one that we personally enjoy. DMC (Devil May Cry) has had some bugs in game recently and the fans are not happy at all. Various reports over the Internet can be seen on such website like the biggest video sharing website (YouTube) with […]