Destiny 2 players discover game-breaking bug with new Exotic weapon

destiny 2 exotics 1

A new bug has surfaced in Destiny 2 that causes an Exotic Primary weapon’s splash damage to be applied infinitely when paired with specific Legendary weapon perks. While the weapon is not causing major damage to bosses, it can still be devastating when used with specific loadouts and by skilled players who can exploit the bug.

destiny 2 exotics 1

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has a history of dealing with bugs and glitches in the game, especially with Exotic weapons. The issue has worsened since the release of Lightfall, with new mechanics sometimes conflicting with older ones. The developers have been working to address these issues, but new problems continue to be discovered by players almost every day.

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A popular YouTuber named Cheese Forever recently posted a video showcasing the glitch which you can check out for yourself below. In it you’ll notice they pair Osteo Striga’s poison damage-over-time effect with the Vorpal Weapon perk on a Legendary weapon to cause the poison damage to tick indefinitely. The Arcane Needle Melee ability of the Strand Warlock subclass can also be used to replicate the glitch. Warlocks will be disappointed as this glitch doesn’t work with the Exotic Necrotic Grips unfortunately.

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Credit Cheese Forever YT

This is not the first time the Vorpal Weapon perk has caused issues in Destiny 2, and its repeat performance may lead to it being nerfed. Unfortunately for Osteo Striga, the glitch was discovered just as the upcoming mid-season balance pass for Primary weapons did not include any changes for the Exotic SMG. While the damage caused by the glitch is not significant in endgame encounters, the nature of the bug could lead to a harsh nerf for the Sub-machine gun.

The game is out currently on the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5 and Windows PC.

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