Get a Rare, Vaulted Armour Set in Destiny 2 from Xur

Destiny 2 Xur Location
Destiny 2 Xur Location
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Destiny 2’s exotic weekend merchant, Xur, has returned and brought along a coveted armour set for players to obtain along with his usual exotic items. Xur has been a Destiny staple since the early days of the first game, and his role has remained relatively unchanged over the years. In essence, Xur is a limited-time merchant who appears somewhere in Destiny 2. Prompting players to search for him and see what exotic armour and weapons he has in stock.

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Xur, who doesn’t carry any recent exotics since Destiny 2 players can only find those in Master Lost or Legend Sectors, has seen his role expand over the past year. Bungie has made Xur not only the prime location for obtaining new rolls of the Hawkmoon hand cannon and Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle but also a source of a rotating inventory of legendary weapons and armour. Occasionally, Xur has been known to feature god-roll gear and rarer items that haven’t been seen for a while, including this weekend’s armour offering.

As Xur materialised in Destiny 2 over the weekend, players discovered that the vendor presented the much-coveted Escalation Protocol armour for sale.This gear set, comprising Midnight Exigent, Yuga Sundown, and Abhorrent Imperative, was a set of gear players could acquire piece by piece. This was done by participating in the Escalation Protocol activity during the Warmind expansion. Regrettably, following the launch of the Beyond Light expansion, the gear set and the majority of the content associated with that expansion have remained in the vault for several years.

A Stroke Of Luck

However, with the introduction of Armour Transmog, Destiny 2 fans have been trying to obtain this rare armour set. Many had hoped it would be revived for Season of the Seraph. Which heavily featured Ana Bray and the Warmind Rasputin, but that never actually happened.

Fans have recently experienced a stroke of luck regarding the reappearance of rare items. Earlier this month, Ada-1, a different merchant in The Tower, temporarily stocked her inventory with one of the scarcest shaders. During the Black Armoury season, players had the opportunity to obtain Bergusian Night after its inclusion in the Destiny 2 vault. Originally, Bergusian Night was a very rare drop for those participating in the Forge activities, and after they disappeared, there was no way to obtain it.

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