Destiny 2’s Brazen Spark Ship: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking

Brazen Spark Ship Destiny 2
Brazen Spark Ship Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 players are in for a treat as Season of the Defiance comes to a close with a new ship up for grabs. However, this ship is not just another reward for players; it carries emotional significance to those who have been a part of the MMOFPS for a long time, especially given the recent events in the game.

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The Brazen Spark ship in Destiny 2 may seem like any other ship at first glance, but it holds a much deeper significance than just being a trophy. It’s tied to the story of Amanda Holliday, the beloved shipwright who met a tragic end in Season of Defiance’s main quest line. While acquiring the Brazen Spark ship is not a complicated task, there are a few details that players should be aware of to avoid any confusion.

Unlocking Brazen Spark Ship

Destiny 2 Brazen Spark Ship Unlock

To obtain the Brazen Spark ship as the end-of-season reward in Season of Defiance, players must complete all the weekly We Stand United quests from HELM and the farm. However, there are two additional steps required to claim the ship that are not immediately visible in the players’ quest logs.

Once the Week 5 story mission is complete, players need to visit Crow at the HELM and receive the Retribution quest. This quest will require players to infiltrate the Shadow Legion prison ship in orbit and take it down from the inside. While this mission is not particularly difficult, players may want to use their best builds and loadouts to ensure success. Once the mission is complete, players should return to the Farm after thoroughly destroying the ship’s engine.

Once the Retribution quest is completed, the Season of Defiance story in Destiny 2 comes to a close, but the Brazen Spark ship won’t be immediately added to the player’s collection. To obtain it, players must go to the Tower and speak with Commander Zavala, who will provide them with Amanda’s final message and the Last Will and Testament quest. This quest entails visiting the Hangar and collecting the Brazen Spark from there. However, those who have already acquired the ship by resetting their War Table reputation earlier in the season will have to wait for Bungie to fix the issue before completing this quest.

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