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GTA 5 Strategy Guide

GTA V Walk-through Guides Announced

There’s not really a surprise that a strategy guide is going to be released for Grand Theft Auto 5 this year. BradyGames have decided to launch a pair of walk-through manuals to help gamers complete the off-mission activities. One will be a standard edition, and the other will be a limited time only edition for […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Tips

Mass Effect 3 Online Multiplayer Tips

Survival and mission completion are the climax of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer online game. To achieve this, players must overcome and kill various enemies involved in the play. Mass Effect 3 enemies are classified into Reapers, Cerberus and Geth. The following are the most important Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer tips that guarantee players’ survival […]

Some Useful Crysis 3 Multiplayer Tips

THE ACTUAL MODES Seeker – Distinctive Viral dependent game setting with 5 models. A arbitrarily chosen group of 2 Hunters. armed along with Bows as well as infinite stealth energy need to eliminate CELLULAR Operatives who’ve crash landed within the level. The actual CELL possess one goal, to attempt to survive till their EVAC occurs. […]

Essential Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Tips

Welcome to the adrenaline pumping game arena of black ops 2. As an amateur you know how well you understand the game. You may be having difficulty playing, or you may lose each time you play the game, so here are some black ops 2 tips to make you play better. 1) Call of duty […]