Dead Island 2 boasts a useful feature on Epic Games Store

Dead Island 2 PS5
Dead Island 2 PS5
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While cross-compatibility in games usually takes the form of cross-saves, cross-play, or cross-progression, Dead Island 2 offers something unique for Epic Games Store users – the ability to unlock achievements in the game even when playing on a different platform.

Surprisingly, Dead Island 2 lacks support for cross-saves, cross-progression, and cross-play upon release. This implies that PlayStation players can only team up with other PlayStation users, Xbox gamers can only play with those on Xbox, and PC players are restricted to those on the Epic Games Store. As a result, Dead Island 2 is an exclusive on the Epic Storefront, which restricts PC players to playing only with others who use the same platform.

Cheeky Little Trick Found By Reddit User

The zombie-apocalypse title’s lack of cross-saves and cross-progression may disappoint some fans, but it does have a redeeming quality in the form of cross-achievements. A Reddit user named PCMachinima discovered that they were able to earn achievements in the digital distribution service version of the game while playing on their PS5.

This suggests that their PlayStation account is linked to their Epic Games Store account, allowing Dead Island 2 achievements to unlock alongside PlayStation trophies.

The achievements and trophies in Dead Island 2 are primarily centered on zombie slaying and quest completion, making them relatively simple to obtain. Although completing all the story and side quests in the game may take some time, it will aid players in unlocking a significant number of achievements.

After that, players must simply finish challenges and other miscellaneous tasks required by the Dead Island 2 achievement list.

It’s disappointing that the action RPG doesn’t have cross-saves or cross-play at launch, but there is still hope for these features in the future. Including them would be beneficial in retaining player interest in the survival horror title, but so far there have been no official announcements regarding their inclusion.

Nevertheless, the game is set to receive updates in the coming months, which include paid expansions and free updates to fix bugs and address other issues. It remains to be seen what these updates will entail and when they will be released.

Do not worry though, we’ve got you covered here on GLN and as soon as there’s any news on updates you’ll most definitely be the first to know.

Dead Island 2 is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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