Dead Island 2 Fans Frustrated Over Delayed Pre-Order Bonus Items

Dead Island 2 Content Delay
Dead Island 2 Content Delay
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Dead Island 2’s pre-order bonus character packs are delayed and won’t be released until later this summer, disappointing players who were promised special items if they pre-ordered the game. Like many high-budget games, Dead Island 2 offered exclusive bonuses to those who pre-ordered the Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A Editions, with the promise of downloadable items as soon as it was released.

Users who pre-ordered the Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A Editions of the title were guaranteed access to exclusive character packs for the playable characters Jacob and Amy. Character Pack 1, also known as Silver Star Jacob, included The Devil’s Horseshoes weapons and a flashy Rodeo Sunset skin. Character Pack 2, or Cyber Slayer Amy, came with the Casmir & Julienne sword weapons and the Neurunner skin. However, these bonuses will not be available until later this summer, leaving disappointed players waiting for several months.

Although Dead Island 2’s pre-order bonuses were expected to be available “soon after release,” players will have to wait until later this summer to receive them. The character packs, which include special skins and weapons for Amy and Jacob, were promised to those who pre-ordered the Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A Editions. The official Twitter account has stated that the team is “aiming” to deliver the character packs this summer. However, the delay has frustrated fans, who may have already completed the game by the time they receive the items. At the time of writing, there has been no explanation for the delay but there should be more news soon.

The Game Has Gone Down Well With Critics/Fans

On the bright side, Dead Island 2’s launch appears to be relatively smooth overall, despite some significant technical issues. However, these issues can often be avoided. The reviews for Dead Island 2 have been mostly positive, and it appears that many fans are enjoying the game.

It remains to be seen how players will respond to Dead Island 2 in the long run, particularly if any other issues arise. However, for now, players who purchased the more expensive editions of the game can still take advantage of the other perks they offer, such as weapon packs and an exclusive skill card. The Gold Edition even comes with an expansion pass, so hopefully the upcoming DLC will entice players to return and make use of their Character Packs.

Dead Island is out now and available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms.

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