GTA Online Launches Limited-Time Event with Rare Items Up for Grabs

GTA Online
GTA Online
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Rockstar Games has announced a new limited-time event today called “The Last Dose Hard Mode.” This event will offer rare items as rewards to players who are willing to take on tough challenges. It is part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA Online, which has been releasing a series of events for players.

Rockstar’s Los Santos Drug Wars update for Grand Theft Auto Online was primarily centered around story missions. However the studio has also been releasing smaller content drops and promotional events since the update’s debut in December 2022. In March, GTA Online launched a promotion where players could earn double cash and RP rewards for completing all Los Santos Drug Wars story missions.

Special Incentives Up For Grabs

The newly launched event limits players to the second part of story missions from the expansion, known as The Last Dose. From April 27th to May 17th, completing The Last Dose missions will earn GTA Online players 50% more GTA bucks and RPs. However, the primary focus of this promo is to encourage players to tackle The Last Dose content on the hardest difficulty level to obtain rare clothing and accessories. Those who successfully complete all The Last Dose story content on Hard will also receive a special Micro SMG finish.

The return of the Weeny Issi Rally SUV ride to Grand Theft Auto Online coincides with the start of The Last Dose Hard Mode event. Introduced in January, the compact SUV inspired by the Mini John Cooper Works WRC is now available again until May 2nd at Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom. Players who prefer to order the car can do so by visiting the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website on their iFruit phones during the promotional period. The car costs 1.8 million GTA bucks and can be upgraded at Hao’s Special Works until May 3rd. This is only exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC versions of GTA Online.

Get Your Grind On

Over the next week, players can earn double rewards by completing the Acquire Targets fighter pilot training exercise. Additionally, the latest update to GTA Online has introduced Wraps Glasses, a new permanent addition to the game’s in-game clothing shops. Unlike the other content arriving as part of The Last Dose Hard Mode event, players can purchase these futuristic shades at any time.

Recent reports indicate that GTA 6 and its online component may finally be on the horizon, leaving it uncertain how much longer Rockstar will continue to support its hit game with regular content updates.

You can play Grand Theft Auto Online now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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