AEW Fight Forever’s PS4 Crash Controversy: A Ringside Analysis

AEW Fight Forever PS4 Glitches
AEW Fight Forever PS4 Glitches

In a fascinating twist of events, followers of the wrestling realm are facing an unforeseen opponent when engaging in AEW Fight Forever on antiquated consoles, particularly PlayStation 4.

After the wait of an elephantine gestation period, three full years, the All Elite Wrestling centred game has finally embraced the limelight across a spectrum of platforms. With Yuke’s at the helm, the erstwhile force behind WWE 2K, the fundamental target was to reincarnate the brisk, instant-action essence reminiscent of previous wrestling games like WWF No Mercy.

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The response to AEW Fight Forever so far would appear as if the jury is still out. A significant faction has lauded the game’s less intricate play compared to the highbrow, simulation style of WWE 2K23 and lauded the rich assortment provided by Fight Forever’s matches and minigames.

Frustrated Fans vs AEW Fight Forever: The PS4 Crash Crisis

Still, an undercurrent of critique emerges on aspects like its retrograde visuals and the rather anaemic substance in its character creation suite. To add salt to the wound, it seems the game is dogged by a litany of technical hitches, more pronounced on the older generation machinery.

Twitter, the virtual agora, has been swamped by grievances about AEW Fight Forever buckling under the weight on the PlayStation 4. Such complaints and moans stirred publisher THQ Nordic to jump on its Twitter soapbox, reassuring irate players that they are cognisant of the issues and diligently ironing out AEW Fight Forever’s bugs for PlayStation 4 consoles.

This snag, cropping up in AEW Fight Forever, feels like a punch in the gut for many, given the lengthy three-year gestation of the game. As highlighted earlier, the game has garnered a hearty clap from many for its nod to nostalgic gameplay and fiercer action. But there’s a consensus among critics that Fight Forever’s successor could use a bit of buffing. Even AEW’s own heavyweight, Kenny Omega, who had a finger in the Fight Forever’s creation and promotion pie, recently fired off social media posts to welcome player feedback and assure one and all that the game will enjoy continued support even after its official launch.

One can only keep their fingers crossed that the PS4 crash issue can be squashed promptly, especially considering the already contentious standing of AEW Fight Forever among the mingling fandoms of wrestling and video games. With the game having been on the shelves for less than a week at the time of penning this, there’s ample opportunity for THQ Nordic and Yuke’s to turn the tide on the bugs that plague its performance on yesteryear’s systems.

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As of now, AEW Fight Forever can be found on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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