AEW Fight Forever Charms Wrestling Fans with Its Weapon Choices

AEW Fight Forever Gameplay Footage
AEW Fight Forever Gameplay Footage

AEW Fight Forever the imminent wrestling simulator from THQ Nordic and Yuke’s, has started to build a lot of buzz. Recently released preview snippets showcase a host of innovative weapons, including a skateboard that the player can ride around the ring. The anticipation surrounding this game has been steadily building since it was first revealed in December 2020, and now the release date is just around the corner. Hence, fans have been treated to a flurry of advance footage as the countdown to the game’s summer release begins.

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Pre-orders and Bonuses for AEW Fight Forever: What to Expect

The pre-order process for “AEW Fight Forever” has recently commenced across all the platforms the game will be launched on, which include major console manufacturers and PC. Fans have also been informed about the various pre-order bonuses on offer for those who purchase early. This package includes the opportunity to play as the Hardy brother, as depicted in a hilarious advertisement featuring Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy. As the pre-orders have rolled in, footage of the gameplay has started to pop up on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter, offering glimpses of novel features like the rideable skateboard.

Unique Features of AEW Fight Forever: A Skateboard Like No Other

The introduction of the skateboard was showcased in a brief clip posted by the wrestling-oriented Twitter account, Dark Puroresu Flowinson. The video features a match between Kris Statlander and Darby Allin, where the wrestler can ride a skateboard from the top of the entrance ramp, all the way down to the ring. The player stays on the skateboard until they opt to disengage, allowing them to leap in and out of the ring whilst remaining on the board. In addition, players can execute a frog splash manoeuvre from the board – a spectacle that is both humorous and awe-inspiring.

AEW Fight Forever: Weaponry and Excitement in the Gameplay

Further gameplay footage released by YouTuber Pulse gives us a first look at a Fatal Four Way match involving Jon Moxley, Hikaru Shida, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole, an automatic No Disqualification match. This allows the players to experiment with the array of weapons offered in the wrestling title. Such as Chris Jericho’s branded sparkling wine “A little bit of the Bubbly”, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, and even an explosive container that can be used as a projectile. The video also features Moxley utilising the skateboard.

YouTube video

The released footage has led to considerable excitement amongst fans, with many comparing it nostalgically to early WWE video games like “WWF No Mercy” and the “Smackdown vs. RAW” series. Others have cited Kenny Omega’s comments regarding the game’s balance between competitive and chaotic multiplayer matches, boosting their enthusiasm further.

Set to launch on June 29th, AEW Fight Forever will be available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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