The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game: Why It Focuses on the First Film

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

Wes Keltner, the CEO of Gun, publisher of the forthcoming horror video game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has shed light on why the new spine-chilling survival game will draw its inspiration chiefly from the franchise’s inaugural film. He also touched upon the potential for diversifying the game with elements from other instalments in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre saga.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game: Back to the Roots

For many, Gun Interactive’s re-emergence in the horror gaming realm comes as an exciting development, especially in the wake of the untimely demise of the Friday the 13th servers.

It appears that Gun, collaborating with Sumo on the development front, is intent on investing a comparable degree of passion and attention to detail in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. However, in a departure from Friday the 13th’s approach, this forthcoming game won’t encapsulate the entire series. And now, enthusiasts have an explanation for this.

Keltner took to Twitter to clarify the conspicuous absence of characters from subsequent Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies in the game. As it stands, the game’s creators hold the rights only to the original film.

This not only elucidates the game’s nomenclature, with the “chain” and “saw” split that is missing from later renditions but also underlines the complexities involved in securing the rights to a franchise that extends over nearly five decades and several film studios. As Keltner put it rather succinctly, “Licensing in general is usually a total mess.” A state of affairs that Gun knows only too well after the Friday the 13th debacle.

Wes Keltner Tweet

Prospects for Sequel Inclusion in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

However, for avid followers of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, Keltner’s subsequent tweet offers a glimmer of hope. He suggests that procuring the license for the multiple sequels and reboots is not entirely off the table.

He further encourages fans to

“Get hyped for what’s there. Tell everyone you know. Post on social, retweet, and discuss the game. In my experience Hollywood reacts to buzz, not demands.”

The recent tantalising trailers for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre certainly provide ample reasons for the buzz.

YouTube video

Early positive feedback is emerging from those who have had the opportunity to preview the game, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre gameplay footage released thus far. It appears to be an enhancement of the familiar Dead by Daylight or Evil Dead pattern of survivors striving to evade player-controlled villains. Adopting a 3v4 team configuration could be a smart move, alleviating the issues other games face when an oversupply of players vie for the single killer role in each match.

Slated for an August 18th release, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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