Inside Dead by Daylight’s 7th Anniversary: From Hollywood Stars to Horror Icons

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary
Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary

In commemoration of Dead by Daylight’s seventh year of chilling us to the bone, Behaviour Interactive has unwrapped a veritable trove of thrilling forthcoming content for the asymmetric multiplayer horror experience. The jaw-dropping announcements encompass the End Transmission Chapter, collaborations with bands Iron Maiden and Slipknot for unique Collections, and the intriguing addition of Hollywood star Nicolas Cage as a Survivor in the game’s world. And that’s merely scratching the surface of what Dead by Daylight has in store for its upcoming annum.

Exciting New Chapters: End Transmission and Beyond

Dead by Daylight kicked off 2023 on a high note. Patch 6.5 brought the eerie Moonlight Burrow event and the riveting Tome 14 – Betrayal, not to mention the much-anticipated wiggle modifications.

The subsequent update, 6.6, introduced both the enigmatic Skull Merchant and the dynamic duo, Thalita Lyra and Renato Lyra. More recently, update 6.7 unleashed Tome 15 – Ascension, revamped the Blood Lodge and Gas Heaven maps, and eliminated Killer light interactions from gameplay.

While Behaviour never ceases to expand and evolve the horror title, 2023 promises a plethora of thrilling developments still on the horizon.

Among the day’s landmark revelations is Behaviour’s intention to roll out six new Dead by Daylight Chapters in the ensuing year, with two solely featuring Survivors. The forthcoming Chapter, intriguingly dubbed End Transmission, boasts original content.

Following hot on its heels is a unique Survivor-focused Chapter, spotlighting Nicolas Cage’s character, The Fog. Future Chapters promise the arrival of two licensed Killers, another Survivor-centric Chapter, and finally another original Chapter before Dead by Daylight’s 8th-anniversary celebrations in 2024.

Dead by Daylight 7th Anniversary End Transmission

Highlighting End Transmission, Behaviour intriguingly characterises it as Dead by Daylight’s foray into science-fiction horror. The Toba Landing map whisks players to an otherworldly planet, stalked by a menacing new Killer – The Singularity, an unsettling amalgamation of repurposed organic matter and machine components.

The Singularity’s Survivor counterpart, Gabriel Soma, is portrayed as a battle-hardened technician, having already endured the brutal extermination of his crew. Anticipation is set to reach fever-pitch with End Transmission slated for release on 13 June.

Dead by Daylight Collaborates with Music Icons: Iron Maiden and Slipknot Collections

Beyond End Transmission, Behaviour has an exciting roadmap, including the exclusive Dead by Daylight Chapter with Nicolas Cage, scheduled for 5th July. Other thrilling alliances under development comprise the Iron Maiden Collection, Slipknot Collection, and the Artists from The Fog Collection, showcasing outfits from community creators and revered Japanese video game artist, Ikumi Nakamura.

Looking forward to 2024, more Collections are on the horizon, with a special Naughty Bear outfit for The Trapper in the pipeline.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The coming year promises even more, with Behaviour unveiling plans for a single-player spin-off crafted by Supermassive Games and a novel 4-player PvE spin-off helmed by the recently incorporated Midwinter Entertainment.

Additionally the whispers of a Dead by Daylight film adaptation, along with Titan Comics’ impending comic book – due out in June – make it a sterling period for fans of the horror series.

Dead by Daylight is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Switch, and mobile platforms.

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