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Dead by Daylight Update 6.7.1 Addresses Game Crashes and Bugs

Dead By Daylight Patch 6-7-1
Dead By Daylight Patch 6-7-1
(Image Credit Behaviour Interactive)

Update 6.7.1 has landed for Dead by Daylight, bringing a multitude of bug fixes to enhance the player experience. Following the release of update 6.7.0 not long ago, this latest patch also delivers a plethora of solutions addressing characters, bots, animations, and more.

Since its 2016 launch, Dead by Daylight has attracted a loyal fanbase to its asymmetrical gameplay, offering movie-like scenarios from popular franchises such as Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Players can step into the roles of various movie characters, attempting to escape a terrifying killer while completing tasks, as another player hunts them down using exciting abilities. The game’s exhilarating gameplay, chaotic atmosphere, and beloved killers set it apart in the co-op gaming genre.

No New Content, Just Straight Up Patch For Bugs & Issues

Dead by Daylight’s Twitter account revealed the update 6.7.1 patch notes, you can find the full patch notes in the forums here. They outline the extensive bug fixes included in the new patch. The developers have tackled issues with characters, environments, special effects, and level design, among others. However, unlike the previous update, this one focuses solely on bug fixes, so players shouldn’t anticipate new content at this time.

Several notable bug fixes stand out in this update. For instance, the developers addressed an optimisation issue that caused low-frame rate animations in specific situations, a vital fix in a game where survivors often rely on slight movement advantages against the killer. Additionally, they resolved multiple crash issues occurring when players surpassed level 50 in the Bloodweb, ended a trial, utilised the Bloodweb, or even launched the game on PS4.

With numerous crash fixes and level design optimisations, players can now enjoy a more seamless experience as survivors or killers. This patch will undoubtedly enhance the game, so don’t be surprised if Dead by Daylight’s killers start dominating matches after these improvements.

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