Dead by Daylight Nerfs Controversial Camping Tactics

Dead by Daylight Camping Tactics Nerf
Dead by Daylight Camping Tactics Nerf

Asymmetrical horror hit Dead by Daylight is implementing major anti-camping changes to tackle troublesome playstyles spoiling the fun.

In the latest developer update, Behaviour Interactive addressed two of the game’s most contentious features – hook camping and generator camping. Upcoming Public Test Realm patches aim to curb these unenjoyable tactics.

Hook camping, where killers wait by a hooked survivor to instantly strike rescuers, has always frustrated players. Against killers able to instantly down unhooked victims, it encourages stagnant, punitive gameplay.

To counter this, Behaviour is adding an anti face-camping mechanic. Now, killers loitering near hooks will gradually fill a meter for hooked survivors. The closer the killer, the faster it builds. If multiple survivors stay nearby, progress slows.

Once full, even during stage two, the survivor can unhook themselves safely. However, this ability deactivates during the endgame collapse.

This change should discourage hook squatting by all but the most stubborn campers. Altruistic survivors get a window to attempt unhooks without instantly being downed.

Of course, some argue camping is a valid tactic when the exit gates are powered. This update may frustrate killers in those clutch situations. Behaviour will need to closely monitor if the anti-camping rules are too extreme in certain contexts. This neat update comes off the back of the Alien and Ripley collaboration that has gone down so well with the game’s fans.

The Skull Merchant Also Hit With Generator Camping Nerfs

The other major change targets The Skull Merchant’s infamous “three-gen” camping style. This involves placing drones at three close generators and refusing to stray far while aggressively regressing progress.

Matches become excruciating slogs where survivors inch incremental progress against an immovable defence. It encourages monumentally dull play for all involved.

Numerous tweaks to The Skull Merchant’s abilities aim to prohibit generator camping and make her more aggressive. Most significantly, stationary survivors now go undetected by drones, allowing uninterrupted generator repairs and totem cleansing.

Additional penalties are also being applied to Claw Trapped survivors to further discourage camping. Collectively these changes should force Skull Merchants to stop droning and start hunting.

While it’s commendable to address player concerns with revisions like these, there’s always the risk of over-correcting and unintentionally weakening killers. If the new drone drawbacks accumulate excessively, Skull Merchant could find itself considerably underpowered.

Upcoming Update Enhances Matches

Dead by Daylight Alien Map

Thankfully, the upcoming updates seem to be tactically aimed at influencing playstyles rather than drastically altering power dynamics. The introduction of anti-camping mechanics intends to encourage more dynamic and active matches without completely stifling the killers’ abilities.

However, the true test will occur when these changes are implemented in live servers. Only continuous data analysis and player feedback will determine if these adjustments hit the intended sweet spot.

At the very least, it’s a positive sign to see Behaviour directly addressing contentious issues based on player feedback. Listening to player frustrations and responding accordingly is a hallmark of a developer genuinely invested in its community.

The game recently enjoyed it’s 7th anniversary celebrations with none other than Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage joining the horror title.

While camping strategies can be situationally effective, their excessive use can diminish the game’s entertainment value. If these rule revisions successfully motivate killers to remain mobile and engage in chases, it could lead to matches with improved pacing and excitement.

Of course, the spirit of cooperation, even if it involves risky hook rescues, is an integral part of Dead by Daylight’s identity. This mandatory altruism, however reckless, binds survivors together against overwhelming odds.

Ideally, these changes should expand the risk-reward dynamics rather than eliminate them entirely. A few moments of respite on a hook can create satisfying dramatic intervals amidst frantic evasion.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of these anti-camping tweaks will depend on the fine-tuning. If executed correctly, they could successfully reshape problematic behaviours without introducing excessive downsides. It represents a well-intentioned effort to maintain the freshness of matches and encourage killers to hunt more proactively.

Only time will tell if this noble goal is achieved. In the meantime, we must credit Behaviour for its commitment to addressing playstyles that threaten to taint the ever-evolving fog.

Dead by Daylight is out now for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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