Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC Gets Launch Trailer

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC
Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s brilliant Separate Ways campaign starring fan favourite Ada Wong has had a brand new launch trailer dropped for the DLC. New footage showcases Ada’s expanded moveset and hints at some story changes, while also revealing the return of a beloved silly sequence from the original.

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Ada Wong’s Expanded Moveset

In the trailer, Ada’s gameplay mirrors Leon’s new moveset, using parries, knife takedowns and the satisfying shotgun. But she also wields her signature grappling gun for unique combat and traversal options. Zipping around the castle ramparts picking off enemies from afar or crashing into them in melee both look slick. The tool offers welcome versatility for both stealth and aggressive approaches.

Boss battles also capitalise on the grappling gun, like using rooftop-to-rooftop swinging to evade El Gigante before stylishly tumbling through the air to hit its weak point. If all encounters are this ambitious, the DLC should delight.

Ada is on her own mission for Albert Wesker, retrieving a mysterious asset. But she doesn’t always obey his orders, hinting at some narrative twists. Intriguingly, it’s also suggested Ada becomes infected, which didn’t occur originally. This could shake up events in compelling ways.

Laser Corridor Nostalgia Included

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Laser Corridor

Like the main campaign, Ada’s mission features optional shooting galleries for rewards. But importantly, the fan favourite laser corridor sequence also returns, with Ada confirmed dodging lasers in a brief trailer shot.

The laser corridor was a divisive omission from Leon’s story, so Ada inheriting the silly gauntlet should satisfy fans. While its quick-time heavy original incarnation wouldn’t suit the remake’s refined gameplay, players still hope to manually evade some hazards rather than watching a cutscene. Hopefully Capcom finds the right balance.

Either way, the laser corridor comeback confirms the developers haven’t completely abandoned the original’s quirkier side. Ada’s campaign in the Resident Evil 4 Remake can still provide some outrageous action between the brooding atmosphere.

Some had criticised Ada’s depiction in the main game as overly subdued and aloof. This extended DLC is a prime opportunity to showcase more facets of her personality through increased screentime. With higher emotional stakes if infected, perhaps Ada can finally lower her guard and shine.

Albert Wesker’s Role

The DLC could also flesh out side characters like Luis, while expanded Albert Wesker appearances would be welcomed. You get a slight glimpse of the iconic villain right at the closing stages of the trailer. Fans are certainly excited about the possibility of Wesker’s return, especially since Jack Krauser, while intriguing, doesn’t quite measure up to the stature of the legendary character.

Encounters cut from Leon’s story like the U3 fight may feature too. And with Ada facing the infamous second Verdugo, more classic boss refreshes seem likely.

Overall, Separate Ways has huge potential to build on a stellar remake with more gameplay innovation, narrative surprises and fan service. When it launches on 21st September alongside free Mercenaries updates, we’ll discover how successfully it realises that promise.

A Return For Dino Crisis On The Cards?

And in other Resident Evil news, Capcom recently acknowledged the 23rd anniversary of beloved but neglected spin-off Dino Crisis 2. This minor recognition sparked predictable calls from fans begging Capcom to revive the dinosaur action series.

The fervent response highlights how this cult franchise remains dear to fans’ hearts. And with Resident Evil receiving numerous remakes and spin-offs lately, hopes for Dino Crisis’s return don’t seem unfounded.

A Dino Crisis remake would capitalise perfectly on current survival horror trends. The original’s blend of sci-fi conspiracy, rampaging raptors and charm still feels refreshingly unique. Updated visuals and modernised gameplay could make its fantastical dinosaurs truly terrifying.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Crossbow

Shinji Mikami, director of the original Resident Evil, led development on the first Dino Crisis in 1999. This shared DNA gives a remake legitimacy to build upon Capcom’s resurrection of classic horror.

Series protagonist Regina also joins Resident Evil’s Jill and Claire as capable female leads ripe for reintroduction. With nostalgia for 90s gaming peaking, Regina’s action-heroine appeal should resonate with modern audiences.

There are certainly challenges in rebooting a once-beloved but long-absent IP. Balancing respect for franchise lore while evolving for contemporary tastes is tough. But with Capcom on a remake hot streak lately, hopes remain that cunning Regina will eventually escape extinction.

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For now, Dino Crisis’s acknowledgement keeps its cult following on life support. And with Resident Evil continually raiding its vault of classics, perhaps destiny will soon drive Regina back into another time-twisted jungle of bloodthirsty beasts. After years of neglect, this terror from the past may yet have one last hurrah awaiting.

RE 4 Remake Separate Ways and The Mercenaries DLC release date is September 21st.

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