Resident Evil Code: Veronica X: Capcom Offers a Glimmer of Hope for a Remake

Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake
Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake

In a thrilling twist of ambiguity, Capcom has potentially dangled the tantalising prospect of a remake for Resident Evil Code: Veronica in front of its ardent fans. Despite its status as a non-numbered entry in the fear-inducing franchise, Resident Evil Code: Veronica still packs a narrative punch, and was originally designed as the spiritual sequel to Resident Evil 2. Yet, Capcom appears to have thrown Code: Veronica into the shade with its current cavalcade of Resident Evil remakes.

The Resident Evil Remake Legacy: A Spotlight on Code: Veronica

The inaugural Resident Evil remake emerged from Capcom’s catacombs in 2002. Not content with a mere facelift, the original zombie survival horror game was remodelled from its very foundations, complete with eye-popping graphics and novel gameplay gimmicks.

Fast forward nearly two decades, and Capcom spun its magic on a rip-roaringly successful remake of Resident Evil 2, sparking further reincarnations of Resident Evil 3 and 4. With Code: Veronica sitting rather awkwardly in the timeline prior to Resident Evil 4, it left fans flummoxed when a RE4 remake was revealed first, effectively leapfrogging Code: Veronica.

Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remaster

Capcom continues to play its cards close to its chest about the prospect of a Code: Veronica remake, but hasn’t entirely ruled out the concept. Queried by an eager shareholder about its remake bias towards numbered series entries, Capcom coyly stated that it was “engaged in conversations about future series expansions for broader appeal.” It’s no outright confirmation of a Code: Veronica reincarnation in the works, but it has kept the door ajar for hopeful fans.

Should Capcom venture down the remake rabbit hole with Code: Veronica, the game’s rebirth is undoubtedly several years in the distance. According to the whispering grapevine, the spotlight is on Resident Evil 9 for the next release, not a revamped version of an old favourite. This might get the adrenaline pumping for fans craving a fresh adventure over a refurbished classic, but it’ll disappoint those itching for a reimagined Code: Veronica, replete with enhanced visuals and modernised mechanics.

Fan Speculation: Resident Evil 5 Remake or Code: Veronica’s Return?

The hardcore fans desperately want this remake done, if you just search on any social media site it’s there for you all to see. The support is unbelievable, and if it’s demand that Capcom are after, then they certainly have it in abundance with this title. This fact is supported by a Capcom survey to fans carried out just last month on June 2nd.

However speculation amongst fans hints that Capcom may continue its Code: Veronica snub, leaping instead to a Resident Evil 5 remake. Narratively, this would make a modicum of sense as RE5 pulls on several loose Wesker threads left by RE4, yet it’s a somewhat bitter pill to swallow given that Code: Veronica was the vessel for Wesker’s initial comeback.

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Whether a Code: Veronica remake graces our screens or not, the silver lining is its availability on contemporary platforms. An HD touch-up of Code: Veronica can be enjoyed on the newest Xbox consoles, while PS Plus Premium subscribers can take a nostalgic trip down memory lane on their PS5s.

The HD makeover of Resident Evil Code: Veronica can be found lurking on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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