UFC 5: The Knockout Announcement from EA Sports

EA Sports Announce UFC5
EA Sports Announce UFC5
EA Sports Announce UFC5

Well, well, well! Like a cage-fighter bursting out of the shadows, EA Sports has come swinging with the surprise announcement that they’re busy cranking out UFC 5.

Round One: The Unexpected Announcement

This announcement seems fortuitously timed considering UFC 4 just landed in the Xbox Free Play Days, available for all the fortunate subscribers of Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold. Coincidence? We think not!

Let’s step into the octagon of history for a second. The initial tango between EA Sports and UFC started in 2014, a good two decades after the Ultimate Fighting Championship first grappled its way into existence. The resulting series of games has enjoyed a dedicated following, despite UFC’s lack of the seasonal rhythm that pervades most traditional sports.

This absence of rhythmic annuality allows EA Sports to sidestep the treadmill of yearly releases common to their other offspring, like FIFA and Madden NFL. With more room to breathe, the studio launched the previous title, UFC 4, in the late summer of 2020.

The Big Reveal: UFC 5 Coming Soon

A mysterious tweet from the EA Sports den confirmed the news, promising that UFC 5 would be “coming soon.” The accompanying video was more teaser than trailer, revealing little beyond the game’s logo. A full monty reveal, however, is promised for September 2023. Turns out, the rumour mill was grinding accurately back in 2021 when whispers circulated about EA’s preparation to pounce on UFC 5.

While we might not have a confirmed release date for UFC 5 yet, we could play Sherlock and use the franchise’s history for some clue-hunting. UFC 4 was unveiled in July 2020, a mere month before it was released into the wild.

UFC 5’s upcoming September reveal suggests a slightly more extended timeline, but it does indicate EA Sports’ willingness to deliver a quick one-two punch of reveal and release. A hiatus longer than three years between titles would raise eyebrows, so fans could likely anticipate the new contender to step into the ring later this year.

Each iteration of the UFC games has served as a subtle but steady evolution, inching closer towards the elusive ideal of a mixed martial arts video game. It’s not exactly like they’ve been duking it out with numerous rivals, given UFC’s heavyweight status as the world’s premier MMA promotion. This doesn’t dampen the speculation fever, though. Electronic Arts have washed their hands with boxing games like the famous Fight Night series. They still however have a big interest in MMA titles as we’ve clearly seen today.

Questions are already flying about the potential features of this sequel. One of the most intriguing: who’ll be gracing the game’s cover this time? UFC is a volatile world, with new stars rising faster than a well-aimed uppercut, so it’s anyone’s guess.

And so, the countdown begins, UFC 5 is in the works, and we wait with bated breath for the bell to ring on the next round.

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