Forza Motorsport: Ready, Set, Go for October 10 Xbox Game Pass Launch

Forza Motorsport Official Trailer
Forza Motorsport Official Trailer

Forza Motorsport, the iconic racing game was confirmed by Microsoft In its Xbox Games Showcase, the eagerly awaited release has been set for October 10th. This much-anticipated release will debut as a day one Xbox Game Pass game, offering a thrilling ride for Xbox’s loyal followers. Alongside the famed Halo and Gears of War, Forza stands as one of Xbox’s flagship experiences, catering to distinct gaming tastes with two variations of racing adventures.

Game Pass Ready: Forza Motorsport to Hit the Track in October

The Forza Horizon series offers an exhilarating open-world, arcade-focused driving experience, whereas Forza Motorsport takes a more serious approach, aiming at simulating realistic racing. The upcoming addition to this acclaimed series is the eighth instalment under the revered Forza Motorsport title. Now, Xbox enthusiasts have a firm date to circle on their calendars for this thrilling gaming experience.

Forza Motorsport Xbox Game Pass

The slated October 10th release for Forza Motorsport is a day one Xbox Game Pass game, enabling Game Pass subscribers on both PC and Xbox Series X to enjoy unlimited gameplay on the day of release, without purchasing the game at full price.

While racing games might not appeal to everyone, the immense success of the car racing franchise within the Xbox community is undeniable. Given its next-gen only release, unencumbered by the Xbox One console generation, the new addition is set to be one of the most significant Xbox Game Pass releases this year.

Further stirring the excitement, the new trailer showcased some exhilarating gameplay footage, reinforcing the unparalleled quality of Forza Motorsport. Previous trailers have already given a glimpse of the game’s photorealistic graphics and advanced AI, underlining its status as a technological titan amongst racing games. The Forza franchise has maintained an unwavering standard since its 2005 debut, and it remains to be seen how this latest chapter aligns with its predecessors.

Forza Motorsport Official Trailer: The Next Gen Racing Experience

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The latest trailer provided another tantalising glimpse into the new features of Forza Motorsport, including enhanced graphics, refined weather effects, and the much-hyped ray tracing. The anticipations continue to grow as we inch closer to October.

This confirmation of Forza Motorsport’s release date promises a thrilling October for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. As to the other games that will accompany the title on Game Pass in October, fans will need to exercise patience until the month itself arrives.

Forza Motorsport is set for launch on October 10th for Windows PC and Xbox Series X.

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