Rev Up Your Engines for Forza Horizon 5’s Rally Adventure DLC and 27 New Achievements

forza rally adventure 1

Forza Horizon 5’s highly anticipated Rally Adventure expansion is now available to download, bringing 27 new achievements worth 500G to the game. This exciting expansion adds another layer of thrilling off-road racing to one of the best games on Game Pass.

forza rally adventure 1

While the main game received an update in preparation for the expansion, The Rally Adventure downloadable content is a completely separate 18GB download. Unfortunately, there was no preload option available, so if you’ve already purchased the expansion, you may need to replace the 10MB placeholder version with the full version from the store. To initiate the download, you may need to launch the game.

Don’t miss out on the action! Here are the 27 new achievements that await you in the Rally Adventure expansion including the gamescore. Get ready to get down and dirty!

  • Unlimited Rally (10) – Cross your first Split-Gate in a Horizon Rally event
  • Keep Calm and Rally On (20) – Win all Horizon Rally events
  • Road Rally (20) – Join the Apex Predators Team
  • In the Still of the Night (20) – Join the Grit Reapers Team
  • Better Together (10) – Win your first Horizon Race event
  • Just Reppin’ (20) – Make your way up to the 7th Tier of Apex Predators Reputation Challenges
  • Road Book (25) – Discover every road in Sierra Nueva
  • Put it on my Smash Drive (15) – Smash 150 Grit Reapers Crates
  • I Ain’t Gonna Change (10) – Complete all of Alex’s Reputation Challenges
  • Picking up the Tab (25) – Win all three Team Champion Races
  • Horizon Badlands Champion (50) – Become the Horizon Badlands Rally Champion
  • Smashlicious (15) – Smash 15 Apex Predators Boards
  • Canyon Master (25) – Earn 3 Stars from every freeroam PR Stunt in Sierra Nueva
  • Follow My Lead (10) – Complete all of Alejandra’s Reputation Challenges
  • Generating Alternative Smash Flows (15) – Smash all 30 Apex Predators Boards
  • Smashtastic (15) – Smash 150 Piñata Trucks!
  • Living up to the Rep (20) – Make your way up to the 7th Tier of Horizon Raptors Reputation Challenges
  • Rouen (10) – Win your first Horizon Rally event
  • It’s Rally Time! (20) – Join the Horizon Raptors Team
  • Completed It, Mate (30) – Complete all the Reputation Challenges
  • Pink Slip (20) – Win your first Team Champion Race
  • Cash and Rally (20) – Make your way up to the 7th Tier of Grit Reapers Reputation Challenges
  • That Time of Year (10) – Complete any Seasonal Activity in Sierra Nueva
  • Course Connoisseur (20) – Win all Horizon Race events
  • Backwards, at Night, in the Rain (10) – Complete all of Ramiro’s Reputation Challenges
  • Welcome to Sierra Nueva (25) – Arrive at the Horizon Badlands Outpost

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