Official UFC 5 Reveal Trailer And Release Date Confirmed

UFC 5 Official Reveal Trailer
UFC 5 Official Reveal Trailer

Get ready to rumble! The next entry in Electronic Arts’ officially licensed UFC video game series is stepping into the octagon this autumn. EA Sports UFC 5 is set for a 27th of October release on the latest generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Watch The Official UFC 5 Reveal Trailer

True-to-Life Visual Upgrades with Frostbite Engine

Longtime fans of the mixed martial arts franchise can expect a dramatically improved visual spectacle along with deeper fighting mechanics in UFC 5. The game is built using EA’s Frostbite engine for the first time, promising more realistic graphics and animation.

One of the most eye-catching new features is the Real Impact system. This aims to simulate the effects of blows on fighters over the course of a match. As punches and kicks connect, your chosen fighter’s attributes will gradually decline. This should force players to be more tactical with their stamina. Of course, taking damage also leads to visible wounds and swelling.

UFC 5 boasts over 64,000 possible facial damage combinations with new tech for rendering blood and sweat. It’s sure to make the more brutal matches an intense spectacle!

Strand-Based Hair and Improved Body Sculpting

UFC 5 Strand-Based Hair and Improved Body Sculpting

The visuals extend beyond gory details though. UFC 5 also introduces strand-based hair simulation for flowing locks in the octagon breezes. Body physiques can be sculpted with greater precision as well. Even facial animations have been overhauled to appear more natural and responsive during fights. EA claims this will be the most true-to-life UFC gaming experience yet.

The improvements aren’t just skin deep either. The developer has reworked several core fighting mechanics for UFC 5. New injury rules can pause a match for the doctor to evaluate your fighter. Too much unchecked damage may end the bout early! Grappling transitions are now faster and strike combos have more hit reactions. There’s an arsenal of new moves to unleash across varied fighting disciplines too.

Of course, today’s sports games are ongoing services updated well beyond launch. The game will react to real UFC events with special Fight Week and Fight Pick live content. You can even collect alternate looks and abilities for fighters with Alter Egos.

Electronic Arts appears to be pulling no punches with UFC 5 then. The official trailer shows slick cinematic visuals and bone-crunching sound design that should excite any armchair MMA fan. Now the question is – can EA stick the landing on 27 October when UFC 5 enters the octagon on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S? With early access starting October 24th for EA Play subscribers, we’ll get the first indications of whether this title is a knockout soon!

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