Infinite Coins in Terraria: The Crystal Shard Exploit Deciphered

Terraria Infinite Coins
Terraria Infinite Coins

In an astounding twist for all Terraria enthusiasts out there, an exploit has been unearthed, paving the way for infinite coin generation with just a few, simple manoeuvres. In the multifaceted universe of Re-Logic’s 2D sandbox gem, it’s no surprise to find cheat codes and a glitch or two lurking in the shadows. And boy, isn’t this one a delightful discovery?

It’s been an impressive twelve years since Terraria first graced our screens, yet its flame burns brightly in the ever-expanding cosmos of indie gaming. Despite the 2020 ‘Journey’s End’ update being touted as the final bow for Terraria, Re-Logic has continued to shower love and updates upon it. The game, stretching into the throes of 2023, has seen fantastic collaborations with other indie heavyweights like Stardew Valley and Dead Cells. With all the fresh content thrown into the mix, one could reasonably expect a few digital gremlins lurking here and there.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Terraria’s Coin-Generating Glitch

Cue the sound of rejoicing, as the TikTok user astrald_ has unearthed a bug that can conjure an endless stream of Terraria moolah. This involves producing an infinite supply of Crystal Shards. The first step involves building a short stack of blocks, with two wooden platforms and a block on either side. Then it’s a matter of breaking the left platform, turning the right one into a right-facing stair using a hammer, grabbing a Crystal Shard, and holding the place button with the cursor positioned over where the left platform used to be. Following this process will result in Crystal Shards appearing at lightning speed. astrald_’s video showed their character accumulating over a hundred shards in a mere blink of an eye.

With Crystal Shards fetching 15 silver coins each, they’re amongst the highest selling common items in the game. This glitch could see players amassing a considerable fortune in no time. However, there’s a couple of points to consider. Firstly, this trick seems to only function in single-player mode, so multiplayer enthusiasts may be left high and dry. Secondly, Crystal Shards can only be sourced in Terraria’s Underground Hallow biome, only accessible after defeating the Wall of Flesh boss and entering Hardmode.

So, newcomers to Terraria might need to invest a little sweat and elbow grease before they can reap the benefits of astrald_’s method. That being said, seasoned players who’ve already unlocked Hardmode in Terraria can potentially start rolling in coins almost instantly.

Available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Terraria continues to be a cherished title among gamers across the globe.

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