Want to Get Rich in Stardew Valley Fast? Try These 2 Tricks

Stardew Valley Wealth Tips
stardew Valley Wealth Tips
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ConcernedApe’s indie hit Stardew Valley still entertains many players, who can utilise two tricks to quickly amass wealth in-game. These exploits may benefit fans playing now or in the future, as the next update release may bring back old and new players alike.

In farming simulator games, time is the most valuable resource for players. Stardew Valley, ConcernedApe’s addition to the genre, is no different. Many players plan their in-game days to make the best use of the available hours. While Stardew is more flexible than similar titles, with multiple goals and varying time limits, many fans still consider the game needy and demanding. That’s why players find it essential to have the right tips and tricks for earning money with relative ease, especially when they have a significant early game goal in mind. Fortunately, fans frequently share the tricks they’ve learned on social media.

Insane Tips Courtesy Of TikTok User

One such player, Surnamecc, has a TikTok account entirely dedicated to the farming simulator and the things he learns while playing. He also has a YouTube account where he has achieved feats such as earning both the bad and good endings for dating every romantically available character in Stardew Valley simultaneously. On TikTok, he has shared a few tricks to help players earn gold as quickly as possible. One video explains the “Clay Farming” method, where players dig in a specific pattern to find guaranteed clay to sell for substantial profits.

Surnamecc’s second tip requires more work to benefit from. It involves using a furniture catalogue to obtain a large number of yellow couches for free and then using several looms to break down the couches into cloth to sell. However, Surnamecc doesn’t explain that players can’t obtain the recipe to craft looms until they reach farming level seven. Nonetheless, once fans unlock it, it’s worth considering, as it frees up plenty of time for them to complete their chores around Pelican Town.

Despite the omission of when and how fans can obtain the loom recipe, the tips Surnamecc has shared will undoubtedly help both beginner players and those already in the middle of a few playthroughs. There are many tips, tricks, and exploits that can make players’ time on their farm easier, such as a method that lets Stardew Valley players grow infinite grass. When it comes to some farming simulators, the trick is to work smarter rather than harder, and Stardew Valley is no exception.

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