Terraria Hits PS3 And Xbox 360 Next Week

Publisher 505 Games have announced that (Terraria) the action/adventure RPG dig ’em up game will arrive as a downloadable console edition next week. Way back in 2011, PC gamers got a taste of the 2D indie game. It made a lasting impression and is now set to make it big as a console version looms.

This is a construction and crafting type game that involves digging the ground up and exploring. There are plenty of tough bosses to kill with a combat system mixed in with the gameplay too.

Some of the features that the Terraria brings are, eight-player online multiplayer mode, new and improved weapons and items that include pets, music, armour, loads of enemies and a fantastic end boss to defeat. The look will be in a four-player split-screen layout.

Terraria will be out on PS3 on March 26th and on the Xbox 360 a day later on March 27th for a price set at £9.88 or $15 respectively.



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