Capcom Announce Duck Tales HD Remake

The ever lasting classic Nintendo platformer (Duck Tales) is receiving a full HD remastered makeover after Capcom announced the news this afternoon. There will be a slight difference siding from the high definition addition. For example, although the characters in the game will remain the same, the background and in-game platforms will be enhanced and updated.

The characters will be in a 2D type visual way, being hand drawn and left to mix in with the new colourful backgrounds. The original music is going to be totally remastered as well. Some of the new features are a tutorial for beginners, and a really cool museum.

Capcom have said that they are going to put absolutely every ounce of effort and hard work into this timely classic video game. They want the remake to be hyped so that they can deliver on a big expectation.

The Duck Tales HD Remake will launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U later this summer and will be sold at a retail price of £9 or $15.

Duck Tales HD

Duck Tales HD

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