Capcom’s 40th Anniversary: Celebrating with a Showcase of Future Hits

Capcom Showcase 2023
Capcom Showcase 2023

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for Capcom, one of the giants in the gaming world, with an impressive track record of releases in 2023. To date, the gaming community has been treated to the much-acclaimed Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter 6, which have garnered respective Metacritic scores of 93 and 92.

Additionally, Monster Hunter Rise, initially available solely on PC and Switch, has made its much-anticipated debut on PlayStation and Xbox. However, the good news doesn’t stop there – Capcom has revealed plans for a forthcoming digital showcase, offering gamers a glimpse into future creations from its studios.

Capcom Showcase 2023: A Glimpse into the Future

Slated for June 12th at 3 PM PDT, Capcom’s digital Showcase event will offer 36 minutes of thrilling content, ranging from updates on the publisher’s pipeline of upcoming games to marking its 40th anniversary. Capcom has assured that they will provide more detailed information regarding the event as the date approaches, but they have cautioned that some of the games featured may not be suitable for younger audiences. The news was shared via the official Capcom Twitter account today.

Capcom Showcase Digital Event News

With 36 minutes at their disposal, Capcom has ample opportunity to highlight a number of titles. The gaming community will no doubt be waiting with bated breath to see if the publisher will unveil new instalments in fan-favourite franchises like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. It’s also worth noting that, while Capcom shared gameplay footage from Dragon’s Dogma 2 at the recent PlayStation Showcase event, this forthcoming presentation might give gamers an extended glimpse into the game.

Expectations are also high for updates on Pragmata, a science fiction title that was initially announced in 2020 during a PlayStation event. Information on Pragmata has been scarce since its original trailer was released, and there is hope that this upcoming Capcom Showcase will give us more news on the game. There may be some apprehension among fans, however, that Pragmata could follow the fate of Deep Down – a game announced with fanfare in 2013, only to vanish without a trace.

June: A Month Full of Gaming Events

June is set to be a month packed with gaming events. Xbox and Ubisoft are poised to hold their own showcases in the coming days, and the Xbox Games Showcase, airing on June 11th at 6 PM UK time/10 AM PT, will be immediately followed by Bethesda’s hotly anticipated Starfield Direct. Ubisoft Forward kicks off at 6 PM UK/10 AM PDT on June 12th. Other events on the horizon include the PC Gaming Show on June 11th and Summer Game Fest on June 8th. In short, it’s a thrilling period for gaming enthusiasts, with a variety of showcase events likely to unveil a treasure trove of new titles.

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