Xbox Games Showcase: What To Expect As Revealed by Aaron Greenberg

Xbox Games Showcase 2023
Xbox Games Showcase 2023

Video game enthusiasts who were eagerly anticipating the colossal Xbox Games Showcase scheduled for June 11th now have additional reason for their pulse to quicken, as Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, has recently divulged exciting promises. These updates emerge amidst swirling speculation regarding the potential unveiling of a new Fable game during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Aaron Greenberg’s Exciting Promises for Xbox Fans

Only weeks after Sony introduced an impressive line-up of forthcoming games for its PlayStation consoles, Microsoft is set to respond with its Xbox Games Showcase. This event will highlight the surprises that Microsoft has been working on for PC and Xbox gamers for the next year. The Xbox Games Showcase, a long-standing highlight of the E3 event for many, transitioned to a stand-alone presentation as the E3’s influence waned, leading to its eventual demise. This year’s event will broadcast in selected theatres across the United States, in addition to online streaming on June 11th at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, followed by Bethesda’s latest Starfield Direct.

Xbox Games Showcase: More Than Just CG Trailers

Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, has shared a series of tweets making lofty promises regarding the upcoming showcase, stirring excitement among Xbox aficionados. Perhaps the most thrilling revelation is that all first-party game trailers during the Xbox Games Showcase will feature in-game footage, in-engine footage, or a combination of both with some cinematics, avoiding full CG trailers. Greenberg pledged transparency from Xbox about the showcased content, mentioning that all trailers would be appropriately labelled to indicate actual gameplay.

Greenberg’s subsequent tweet, which may be a source of disappointment to some, indicates a potential protracted wait before players can get their hands on some of the showcased games, as not all titles will be launched within the next year. However, this announcement isn’t surprising, considering that titles like Forza Motorsport and Hollow Knight Silksong, unveiled during last year’s showcase, have not yet seen the light of day. Addressing a question about managing expectations for the showcase, Greenberg assured fans that there would be no need to curb their enthusiasm, urging gamers to “just come in open minded & enjoy the ride.”

With Microsoft announcing last month that several games from the PlayStation Showcase would find their way to Xbox, there’s considerable pressure on them to unveil some of their own top-notch titles. Judging by Greenberg’s statements, the June 11th Xbox Games Showcase seems poised to meet these expectations head-on.

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