Fable’s Anticipated Comeback: Xbox Games Showcase Drop Hints

Fable Tease Xbox Games Showcase
Fable Tease Xbox Games Showcase

A recent tweet from Xbox’s official account has set the gaming community alight with anticipation. The post features a shimmering trail of sparkles leading towards a screen emblazoned with the Xbox Games Showcase logo, accompanied by a melody that harks back to an old favourite. The air is rife with speculation that this could signal the return of the cherished fantasy RPG, Fable, which has been absent from the gaming landscape for over a decade.

Fable’s Reboot: What We Know So Far

In the Xbox Games Showcase of 2020, Microsoft let slip that a fresh Fable instalment was brewing within the walls of Playground Games. Billed as a ‘fresh start’ for the much-loved series, speculation was rife that this would be a total overhaul of the franchise. Since that tantalising revelation, however, the airwaves have been eerily quiet as Playground Games diligently develop the next chapter in the Fable saga. Hints are now suggesting that fans may get a glimpse of what’s in store at the forthcoming Xbox Games Showcase.

A brief look at the teaser, posted below, might suggest that it hints at another Xbox franchise. Yet, upon closer inspection, it’s challenging to envisage this referring to anything other than Fable. The nostalgic tune that chimes in the background is instantly recognisable to die-hard fans of the series, but the irrefutable giveaway lies within the twinkling trail of glitter. Those familiar with Fable will recall the in-game guide system in which protagonists are led along a glistening path – mirroring the sparkling trail featured in the clip. The fan base is connecting the dots, with many setting themselves up for disappointment should the game not materialise.

Xbox Games Showcase: A Platform for Fable’s Much-Anticipated Comeback?

As such, fervent followers of Fable might want to earmark their diaries for the impending Xbox Games Showcase. Scheduled for 10 am PT/1 pm ET on June 11, this event will be hot on the heels of a detailed examination of Bethesda Game Studios’ eagerly awaited sci-fi RPG, Starfield. If this Fable hint rings true, fans could be treated to a sneak peek of three major Xbox exclusives, including Forza Motorsport. Whilst it’s expected that Starfield will be revealing a generous helping of details, it’s anybody’s guess what, if anything, Fable may unveil.

However, a note of caution is needed, as it’s essential to moderate expectations ahead of any showcase. The gaming world would be understandably bemused if Xbox hinted at a Fable presence at the Games Showcase only to retract the offer – a move that could tarnish what promises to be an exciting day for Xbox.

Yet, history has shown us that this is not beyond the realms of possibility. In 2021, Xbox Games Publishing tweeted about ‘preparing the chickens’ for something special and even dropped the name Fable Anniversary, only to backtrack when fans were whipped into a frenzy expecting Fable news. The situation ultimately culminated in disappointment. Although this scenario seems unlikely to play out again, the gaming community will have to sit tight until the teaser’s true meaning is revealed.

Fable continues to be in active development.

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