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Xbox One Titles

Xbox One Footage Reveals 15 Top Titles Arriving In 2014

There’s plenty of titles on the way if you’re a new member of the Xbox one club, and a brand new video has been posted by YouTube user RajmanGaming HD showcasing these upcoming games. The full three minute video shows clips of the following 15 titles: Titanfall Watch Dogs EA Sports UFC Tom Clancy’s The […]

Xbox One Figures

The Xbox One Sells Over 1 Million Units In 24 Hours

The highly anticipated Xbox One launch turned out to be the biggest ever launch in the entire Xbox history since the company was founded by Microsoft way back in the year 2001. In total, well over one million consoles were sold worldwide in less than 24 hours of the next-gen machine going on general sale. […]

Xbox One Preview

X-Box One: Best of the Bunch?

November is the month that passionate gamers across the world are frantically counting down the days to, the month that sees the release of two items that will work gamers into a frenzy unlike anything else… not only is the latest Call of Duty game, ‘Ghosts’, released BUT the brand new Xbox console will finally […]

Xbox Games Store

Xbox Live Marketplace Renamed Xbox Games Store

Yes we’re not kidding, the Xbox Live Marketplace has had it’s name changed for re-branding and will now be known as the Xbox Games Store. You can log-in to your account to your official homepage right now and check this is legit for yourself! Alternatively, you can just check it even quicker by clicking this link […]

Dead Rising 2 Xbox Live Deal

Dead Rising 2 Free For All Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

As part of the “Games For Gold” promotion that’s going on at the moment, Xbox Live Gold Subscribers can currently download for free, a copy of zombie survival horror title Dead Rising 2 and it’s counterpart Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This special offer is valid up until the date of August 31st, and gamers […]

Mark of The Ninja

Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC Out Next Week

The Mark of the Ninja Special Edition Downloadable content pack will be released on Xbox Live and Steam next week. Make sure that you put down August 16th down in your diary if you’re interested in acquiring it, because that’s the date that Eurogamer have said the Klei Entertainment DLC title add-on is out. The […]

Hulu Plus Free

Hulu Plus free for Xbox Live Members This Weekend

Hulu Plus is free for all Xbox Live members this weekend and will end on Sunday, the 4th August. In order to access the service, you would need a gold membership, but that’s not the case this weekend, as Xbox 360 owners can use it to their hearts content all weekend. The subscription service allows […]

GTA 4 Sale

GTA 4 XBLM Sale Now On

The full version Grand Theft Auto 4 game and it’s DLC (The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned) are now on sale through the Xbox Live Marketplace. The normal price for GTA IV would be £13/$19.99, but it’s up for £6.50/$9.99 instead now. The Ballad of Gay Tony is half price as […]

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Details

Starting next week, the big Xbox Live Ultimate Game sale will commence and with it, over thirty video games will be sold at ridiculously cheap prices. Each titles timing of when they’ll be sold will be different for each game, but once we know more information including pricing, we’ll post it straight to this particular […]

COD Black Ops 2 Vengeance

New Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Replacers Trailer

Treyarch have today, released a brand new never before seen trailer that showcases all the new content that players will see from the upcoming DLC expansion pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance. Vengeance will become the third expansion to be released for the latest COD title. It’ll make it’s way to Xbox […]