Customise Your Xbox Series X With New Console Wraps

Xbox Series X Console Wraps
Xbox Series X Console Wraps

Xbox devotees have long clamoured for more ways to customise their Xbox Series X consoles. This fall, Microsoft is finally answering the call by launching premium interchangeable console wraps to add personal flair.

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While Xbox Design Lab has allowed deep controller customisation for years, the consoles themselves remain monolithic black rectangles. But special edition models tied to big game releases have shown demand for more aesthetic variety. Console wraps now offer gamers options for crafting their own signature look.

Precision-Fit Fabric Skins Available Starting in October

Arctic-Mineral Camo Xbox Wrap

Microsoft announced the new wraps today, planned to begin rolling out in October. Each skin-tight shroud is precision designed specifically for Series X while avoiding any cooling impediments. Small ventilation gaps along the bottom ensure ideal airflow too.

The textured fabric and accessible hook-and-loop attachment give the wraps a sleek, high-quality feel. And at $50, they present an affordable styling upgrade for your centerpiece console hardware.

Gamers can pre-order the first wrap now, a Starfield-themed white module mimicking the game’s on-board avionics. It even labels console components like the fan and USB ports for an added diegetic touch. The Starfield wrap launches October 18th alongside the game itself.

For those craving more universal options, Arctic and Mineral camo wraps can also be pre-ordered for a November 10th release. Expect more stylish designs and gaming collaborations to follow.

These fashionable new wraps provide Xbox early adopters a fantastic new avenue for self-expression. Sony’s console covers have proven hugely popular on PS5, and Microsoft is smart to offer their own take.

Avoid Messes and Residue of DIY Decal Wraps

Xbox Series X Console Wraps Cover

While stickers or DIY wraps risk leaving behind adhesive gunk, Microsoft’s bespoke fabric approach ensures easy application and removal with no residues. For those bored of basic black, console wraps offer affordable renewed flair.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s expanded accessory ecosystem gives their console added versatility over rival platforms too. Between swappable storage drives, colourful controllers via Design Lab, and now interchangeable wraps, the Series X can take on an identity all its own.

As gamers increasingly customise and show off their setups, Microsoft is wisely matching that demand for personalisation. Wraps definitely seem poised for popularity with their pricing advantage and hassle-free simplicity.

The plain black box days are over. Now your console can properly reflect your own style and fandoms. Kudos to Microsoft for finally giving Xbox faithful some design flexibility beyond controllers. It took years, but custom wraps are better late than never. Time to break console conformity and give your Series X a wardrobe update.

Source – Xbox Wire

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