Konami Adds PS4 to Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol 1

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol 1 On PS4
Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol 1 On PS4

Kept you waiting, huh? Following an outpouring of fan requests, Konami has announced the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 will now also launch on PlayStation 4 this October. The celebration of Snake’s stealth classics expands to Sony’s last-gen console thanks to popular demand from loyal followers.

While recent franchise entries like Survival have proven divisive, the Master Collection reminds why Metal Gear Solid ascended to legendary status across generations. Reliving these defining PS1 missions on PS4 should entice both nostalgic veterans and newcomers awaiting initiation.

Allows Access for PS4’s Massive Last-Gen User Base

Konami’s official tweet cited “fans worldwide” requesting PS4’s inclusion to ensure no one misses out. While many have adopted current-gen hardware, plenty of holdouts clearly still inhabit last-gen’s massive install base. Offering crossover access shows Konami’s attentiveness.

Originally set for PC, Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Volume 1 bundles the first three mainline titles – taking players from Snake’s rookie mission through to Metal Gear Solid 3’s jungle tension. The PC version will not include mouse and keyboard though. Now PS4 joins the tactical espionage party following considerable appeals from the player base.

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The seminal Metal Gear Solid originally released on PlayStation in 1998, so PS4 returning to the console family is poetic. Steam version woes also make console availability a welcome option for those seeking optimal nostalgia. While a digital-only release, this still represents a win for accessibility.

Whether purchasing the full collection or selecting individual titles, Metal Gear aficionados can now re-infiltrate Shadow Moses and beyond on their platform of choice. Konami’s willingness to expand availability proves the power of community passion.

Even as the series struggles to rediscover its glory days, these timeless classics still stealthily live on in gaming’s canon. Now a new generation of budding Snake devotees can enlist alongside veterans to experience the foundations of tactical espionage action.

Fans of the franchise also can look forward to the launch of MGS 3 Delta Snake Eater which is currently in development.

The marathon may continue for more Master Collection volumes down the road. But for now, the first three pivotal pieces of Metal Gear’s genetic legacy arrive this October. Thanks to PS4’s newfound inclusion, virtually anyone can unequip their nostalgia goggles and rediscover the magic that started it all. Back to the mission at hand.

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