New Xbox Store Update Fixes the Endless Wish List Scrolling Nightmare

Xbox Store Update August 2023
Xbox Store Update August 2023

Frustrations around clunky store navigation seem to finally be easing up for Xbox gamers following a long-awaited quality of life update. Users browsing the Xbox Store’s wish list can now back out of game pages without being booted all the way back to the first entry, eliminating one of the most nettlesome issues that has plagued the digital marketplace.

This update comes amidst the ongoing rollout of Microsoft’s substantial Home Experience firmware revamp for Xbox One and Series X/S consoles. That ambitious update has tweaked the dashboard aesthetic, added personalisation options, and aimed to streamline game access. But its incremental deployment has left some users still waiting to experience those changes.

Xbox Store Update Provides Smoother Wish List Navigation

Regardless, all Xbox owners can now enjoy smoother wish list navigation in the Xbox Store thanks to the new update’s ability to “remember” your last viewed game. As highlighted by vigilant gamer Coniption1118, previously backing out of any game page would reset the list to the very beginning, forcing tedious rescrolling to return to where you left off. It was a perpetual cycle of frustration.

After receiving the update and rebooting multiple times, The Reddit user found the aggravating issue seems to finally be resolved. No more wasted time endlessly repassing already considered titles. Users can efficiently evaluate options and zero in on their most wanted games. It’s a major quality of life upgrade even in isolation.

But some community members point out there’s still room for improvement in the Xbox Store experience. Annoyances remain like the barrage of updates upon every store entry. And features like automatic wish list removal after purchasing a game are still absent. This update marks progress but not outright perfection.

Nonetheless, smoothing out the wish list goes a long way toward making the Xbox Store feel less like a digital chore. Combined with the Home Experience update, Microsoft is clearly trying to remove points of friction from the user journey. If they continue addressing fan feedback, the upgrades could drive more direct game purchases and Xbox Game Pass signups.

Navigating the Xbox ecosystems still needs work beyond just the storefront. Continued dashboard tweaks in response to frequent community demands remain imperative. But fixing an infamous years-long wish list headache shows Microsoft’s willingness to listen and act when quality of life is on the line. This smoother Xbox Store navigation marks one less headache for gamers of the Microsoft console.

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