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New Special Edition Sunkissed Xbox Controller Revealed

Xbox Sunkissed Controller
Xbox Sunkissed Controller
(Image Credit Microsoft)

Microsoft has unveiled the all-new Sunkissed Vibes Xbox controller, drawing inspiration from OPI nail colours. Xbox gamers seeking a new controller now have an array of colour options, with new ones added regularly.

With the introduction of the Xbox Series X/S controller, Microsoft essentially enhanced the Xbox One controller, altering its shape slightly and adding a new Share button in the centre. Since the Xbox Series X/S consoles launched in 2020, Microsoft has released numerous new colours for the controller, with the Sunkissed Vibes being the latest Special Edition available for purchase.

Launching May 9th

Resulting from a partnership with nail brand OPI, the Sunkissed Vibes controller is priced at $69.99. You may have to find a retailer in your country to see the price it’s selling for. It’s available for pre-order now through the Microsoft Store, with a release date of May 9th. The Sunkissed Vibes Xbox controller is exclusively available at Target in the US, and the OPI nail polish collection it is based on is available starting May 1st. As always, the controller is compatible with Android mobile devices, PCs, iOS and obviously Xbox consoles.

Sunkissed Controller Screenshot

The Sunkissed Vibes Xbox controller is the latest in a series of controller colours introduced by Microsoft in recent years. Initially, there were limited colour options, but the selection has expanded significantly since then. Apart from standard colours, Special Edition controllers like the Sunkissed Vibes offer unique quirks or features. For instance, a line of Special Edition Xbox controllers features extra grip, with Aqua Shift, Lunar Shift, and Stellar Shift available at the time of writing.

In case Xbox fans aren’t captivated by the Sunkissed Vibes controller or other options, they can always create their own using the Xbox Design Lab. This platform enables fans to easily customise their controllers, selecting colours and other details.

Sunkissed Vibes Controller

Premium Xbox controllers are also worth considering. Microsoft offers a range of high-priced Elite controllers that provide even more customisation and cater to hardcore gamers. The popularity of Xbox Elite controllers has prompted rival PlayStation to launch its DualSense Edge controller for the PlayStation 5 console, which received strong reviews earlier this year.

Assuming that you’re interested, you can find out more info on the official Xbox website by clicking here and finding out which retailer to use in your specific country.

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