Starfield’s Limited Edition Gear: Controller and Headset Spotted Pre-Launch

Starfield Headset Leak
Starfield Headset Leak

The excitement mounts among Bethesda aficionados as the release of Starfield draws closer. A new development has recently hit the scene: an exclusive Starfield-inspired headset and controller are reportedly being spotted, even before the official announcement. An image of the unique Starfield controller started circulating the internet about a fortnight ago, sparking a discussion about a corresponding themed headset hinted at by K. Asante on the Xbox Era podcast.

It’s believed that the unveiling of the two Starfield-branded devices will happen at Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase scheduled for 11th June 2023. Initial whisperings were taken with a pinch of salt as the initial impression was that the leaked image showcased a mere custom controller. However, as whispers transformed into chatter and more details emerged, the rumours began to gain traction.

How Starfield’s Leaked Controller and Headset have Stirred the Gaming World

Interestingly, the much talked-about Starfield headset and controller appear to be available at German retailers Saturn and Mediamarkt. However, currently, these items seem to be purchasable exclusively in physical stores, with no listings apparent on the respective online platforms at the time of writing.

Microsoft’s official announcement for these exclusive Starfield items is still in the pipeline, but these recent developments affirm their existence, a fact that should delight enthusiasts who had invested faith in the initial rumours. Some online fans are hopeful for a Starfield-themed Xbox console to complement the range. However, any such plans remain unconfirmed at present.

Starfield’s Anticipated Release and the Mystery of its Exclusive Gear

Starfield, without a doubt, is one of the most eagerly awaited games left to grace 2023, particularly among the Xbox community who felt somewhat let down by Redfall. It’s not stretching to say that Starfield has a responsibility to compensate for the less-than-stellar reception of Redfall, with critics reflected in its Metacritic score of 53, relatively more forgiving than users who handed it a harsh score of 2.1.

With harsh descriptors such as “unplayable” and “rubbish” being thrown around, Redfall’s five distinct limited edition controllers did little to alleviate disappointment. However, this did plant the seed of hope for Starfield receiving a minimum of one limited edition controller, a notion that has gained validation with the recent image leak.

The only problem that the upcoming title seems to have is the fact that it will include microtransactions in it’s content. This is always an instant turn-off for gamers worldwide as it comes across as a money grab and takes away from how good the game might actually be. Time will tell anyway and Starfield has a lot going for it so lets just hope the hype is real and worth it in the end.

Starfield is set to launch on 6th September for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC.

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