Redfall: One of the Lowest-Rated Games on Steam Of All Time

Redfall Negative Reviews
Redfall Negative Reviews
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New data has emerged indicating that Redfall is among the lowest-rated games of all time on Steam. Despite its recent release in May 2023, Redfall has failed to impress gamers, with its current Metacritic score standing at a mere 59. This score, however, is still higher than the user score for Redfall on Metacritic, which is a paltry 2.9. Even worse, the PC version of the game has an even lower score of 1.8. The source for the info is Steam 250, which is a website you don’t want to ever be on.

Problems with Redfall have been rife since its release, with numerous players complaining about issues with its AI and overall bugginess. Many of these players have left negative reviews for the game, leading to a “Mostly Negative” rating for the FPS on Steam. As a result, Redfall has now become one of the lowest-rated games on Steam.

Redfall Joins the Bottom 100 Worst Steam Games of All Time

Redfall is now among the bottom 100 worst Steam games of all time, as per Steam 250’s latest list. With a score of 2.85, it is among the 14 lowest-rated titles on Steam. In fact, the FPS is not the only AAA game on this list, with titles like Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Battlefield 2042 also taking spots in the rankings.

Redfall-Low On Steam

Other Well-Known Franchises on the Lowest-Rated Games List

Notably, this list also includes titles from other well-known franchises such as Resident Evil Resistance and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Recent releases like Wild Hearts and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are also among the top 100 lowest-rated on Steam. It remains to be seen whether these titles will move up or down the rankings with patches and updates. However, it is clear that the list is full of entries that have received backlash from fans in some form.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Comments on Redfall’s Release

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has commented on Redfall’s underwhelming release. He has stated that Microsoft will review certain processes to prevent similar situations from arising in the future. In particular, the interview highlights the absence of 60 FPS gameplay on the Xbox Series X version of Redfall. However, this feature will be added later through an update.

Microsoft Hypes Upcoming Release of Starfield

Despite the negative reception to Redfall, Microsoft is promoting its next big release, Starfield. This game will have its own presentation, titled Starfield Direct, on June 11. The presentation will air after the Xbox Games Showcase, which starts at 10 am PT. If the first-person shooter is to reignite itself, it’ll need major improvements going forward.

Ultimately, Redfall has failed to live up to gamers’ expectations and has bombed big time as a result. Its release has prompted Microsoft to review its processes to avoid similar situations in the future. However, Microsoft is now focused on promoting its upcoming game, Starfield, which will hopefully fare better than the FPS failure.

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