Redfall Update 1.11: Small Steps Toward Major Improvements

Redfall Update 1-11 Xbox Series and PC
Redfall Update 1-11 Xbox Series and PC

Redfall, Arkane’s vampire-busting FPS game, released back in May, was met with more than just raised eyebrows. A flurry of technical snags and some unfortunate design decisions didn’t exactly win it the applause it perhaps aspired to. Fortunately, Arkane is sticking to its guns and has recently announced a petite but powerful update 1.11, aimed at rectifying some of the game’s teething troubles.

The Promise of Redfall’s Update 1.11

With the hype around Redfall being one of Xbox’s trio of exclusive releases this year, along with “Starfield” and a revitalised “Forza Motorsport”, it was a big letdown for fans when news filtered through of the game being locked at a less than thrilling 30FPS on Xbox Series X and S. And when it was finally time to press play, the joy was short-lived as players were met with a series of technical hiccups and subpar design choices. Such an anticlimax, coming from the creators of celebrated immersive sims like “Dishonored”, “Prey”, and “Deathloop”, was unexpected to say the least.

That mixed with the fact that the PC version needs a gigantic demand of RAM in-order to play on the best possible settings, there seems to be unhappy gamers all-round.

Yet, Arkane, despite the stumble, remains undeterred. Redfall’s update 1.11 signals the studio’s unyielding commitment to refining and enhancing the game. From tackling pesky technical bugs to introducing accessibility adjustments, the update is set to streamline the gaming experience.

A notable improvement is the beefed-up screen narration, which will now keep players informed about lobby exits and dismissals from the game. And for those who found the vampires teleporting ad nauseam instead of dutifully attacking, rest assured, the glitch has been put to rest.

The game’s Vampire Nests are the main highlight of the update. Previously, if you cleared a Nest, you might have found that neither your XP nor the Rook’s appearance meter budged an inch. This update rectifies the problem.

Additionally, the unique characteristics of each Nest will be unveiled at the start of the event. Also in the mix is a fix for an annoying bug that hindered players from staking the game’s final boss post certain hero ability usage. And let’s not forget, the update also works on improving the overall stability of Redfall, to hopefully minimise the chances of the game crashing unexpectedly.

This news will surely delight Redfall players, but the ones waiting for the 60FPS console patch on Xbox to dive in might feel a tad disappointed. Despite assurances of a post-launch 60FPS patch, almost two months after the game’s release, there’s still no word on when this feature will roll out, keeping fans in suspense.

Way back in early May last month just after the title released, Redfall became one of the lowest rated video games of all time! A record no-one wants to go near, let alone break. This however was on Steam and the Xbox reviews were a little better but not by much. Take a look at the full patch notes below.

Redfall Update 1.11 Summary:


New Heroes can now see the ‘Starting Gear’ tutorial when they join a friend’s campaign.


Screen narration updates for game status during lobby exits, player kick-outs, and loading screens.


Issues with certain Psychic Echoes and rewards after destroying a Nest in single-player mode have been fixed.


Bug preventing players from staking the Black Sun after using certain Hero Abilities has been fixed.


Issue with vampires spamming teleport instead of pursuing players has been resolved.


Nest Characteristics will now properly show the variation rolled for the encounter.


Overall improvements to game stability and save functionality have been made.

It’s time to revisit Redfall, now available on PC and Xbox Series X|S, and test out these updates for yourself.

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