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Fable 3 Offer

Fable 3 Is Free For Xbox Live Subscribers

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get a completely free copy of Fable 3 for free as a thank-you from Microsoft for your loyalty. The popular adventure game can now be downloaded for free via the Xbox Live Marketplace. There’s no catch, that’s it! We posted an article on this story just a few days ago […]

Fable 3 Free Download

Fable 3 Is Now Free On XBLM

Gamers can now get Lionhead’s action RPG Fable 3 for nothing on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You’ll be able to obtain the game even if you don’t currently have an Microsoft Points left in your account. All that you’ve got to do, is select “use Microsoft Points” and start downloading the role-playing game instantly with […]

State of Decay

State of Decay Out Now On XBLM

Microsoft have released zombie horror game State of Decay on the Xbox Live Marketplace today. The title has been developed by Undead Labs and is an open world third-person shooter with flesh eating zombies roaming all over the place. A trial version is currently available for Xbox gamers to download or the full version is […]

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D Returns to PSN And XBLA

First-person shooter Wolfenstein is set to return to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in North America shortly, and it’ll also be arriving on the PSN in Europe in the future too. Gamers can purchase the much loved shooter on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade for only £3/$5. After Bethesda acquired all the […]

Xbox Marketplace EA

EA Introduce Free Online Pass Content On Xbox Marketplace

Electronic Arts have decided to cut the price on the in-the-box DLC and various online passes for the general Xbox Marketplace. The entire bunch of downloadable content has been made completely free to download as of today. The company’s online pass programme has been removed as the publisher received feedback from loyal fans and have […]

Xbox Reveal

The New Next-Gen Xbox To Be Revealed Tonight

Well after months of consistent speculation, rumours and gossip, the new next generation Xbox is set to be revealed tonight by Microsoft. Many news sources have claimed that the machine will have an always online mode attached to it. Amongst other rumours include the blocking of pre-owned video games. We’re all set to find out […]

Battlefield 3 DLC Xbox Sale

Battlefield 3 DLC Sale Event Now on at XBL Marketplace

Electronic Arts first-person shooter (Battlefield 3 premium) is currently on sale with an amazing 30% off at the Xbox Live Marketplace. There’s currently a B3 sale going on at the XBLM at the moment, where you can also acquire any DLC that’s been released for the game for an incredible 50% off. The sale will […]

Xbox Live Marketplace

Update On Xbox Live Marketplace: May 7th, 2013

The Xbox Live Marketplace is really exciting this week, so much so, that we thought we’d do a post on a list of what you can obtain when visiting this week. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is now in the Arcade, There’s a demo available for Fuse, and there’s an Aliens: Colonial Marines Reconnaissance Pack […]

Fuse Video Game Demo

Fuse Demo Out This Tuesday

Insomniac will release the game demo for their upcoming co-op action title (Fuse) this Tuesday May 7th 2013. The demo will be made available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Gamers will be able to play the role of Naya Deveraux, Dalton Brooks, Jacob Kimble or Izzy Sinclair. Gamers will have the option to […]

Black Ops 2 Mob of The Dead

COD: Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC Out Now on Xbox Live

Treyarch have finally announced that the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC map pack is now available to download on Xbox Live. The downloadable content will cost 1200 Microsoft points to obtain. The new add-on includes (Mob of the Dead) which is a brand new zombie mode that will keep gamers entertained for […]