Microsoft Reveal The Xbox Series S Carbon Black Console

Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB SSD
Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB SSD

Following a sequence of tantalising game reveals, Microsoft concluded its Xbox Games Showcase with the introduction of a stunning new Xbox Series S console. The showcase brimmed with thrilling peeks at imminent blockbusters like Fable 4 and Avowed, exclusive to Xbox, setting pulses racing.

The Xbox Series S Carbon Black: A Blend of Elegance and Power

The Xbox Games Showcase was primarily centred on the forthcoming games destined for Xbox consoles and PC, serving a dearth of alternative announcements. However, the event had a surprise up its sleeve: a stunning unveiling of a refreshed Xbox Series S console, elegantly timed right before the pivot to the Starfield Direct presentation.

The updated Xbox Series S console, dubbed the ‘Carbon Black’, boasts a sophisticated, sleek hue, complemented with a matching controller. Contrasting its snowy predecessor, the Carbon Black console’s chief allure is its impressive internal storage expansion. The initial Xbox Series S console was limited to 500 GB, yet the Carbon Black edition now accommodates an impressive 1 TB of storage. This enhanced capacity comes with a slight cost increase, retailing at £349.99/$349.99 from its September 1st launch, compared to the standard console’s $299.99 price tag.

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Xbox Series S Carbon Black Console: Price and Release Information

  • Launch Date: September 1st
  • Price: £349.99/$349.99

The Carbon Black edition doesn’t seem to boast any superior processing power over the existing Xbox Series S console. Therefore, gamers should anticipate it to be less potent than the Xbox Series X. However, its attractive price point, coupled with the 1 TB internal storage, might make it a valuable investment, particularly for digital library owners.

The Xbox Series S Carbon Black console, mirroring its original counterpart, is a disc-less, digital-only machine, catering ideally to Xbox Game Pass users. Its absence of a disc drive may deter gamers possessing a broad physical game collection, yet for others, it’s a non-issue.

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By increasing storage capacity, the new Xbox Series S Carbon Black console tackles one of the original Series S console’s significant limitations. Those who have held off on acquiring a console this generation might find this an opportune moment to consider investing, especially if the Xbox Games Showcase’s dazzling game roster caught their eye.

The Xbox Series S Carbon Black edition is set for launch on September 1st, retailing at £349.99/$349.99.

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