Latest Xbox Console Update for April 2023 Unveiled

Xbox Consoles Update April 2023
Xbox Consoles Update April 2023
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Microsoft has unveiled the list of new features that are set to debut with the April 2023 Update for Xbox One, and Series S/X, along with an estimated timeline for their release.

Although the tech giant’s efforts to acquire Activision Blizzard have dominated headlines in recent weeks, progress is being made as many regulatory bodies have greenlit the deal, the UK is becoming more amenable to the acquisition, and Microsoft is forming partnerships to facilitate the process.

As we move forward in 2023, Microsoft’s Xbox brand remains in the spotlight with several exciting exclusives on the horizon, such as Redfall, Starfield, and Forza Motorsport, all of which are expected to captivate fans.

With Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service, gamers can look forward to a continuous stream of new games each month, and the company is even gifting 2 months of Game Pass to users. In addition, Microsoft has recently shared details about the latest Xbox ecosystem update, demonstrating its continued commitment to improving the gaming experience.

New Features Inbound

The news was shared via the official Xbox blog today and in addition to new features, the April 2023 update offers eco-friendly options for gamers who want to minimise their carbon footprint. Users can now adjust their active hours under the General settings menu for the Sleep option, with the default setting being always active.

However, they can switch to manual and specify the Start and End active hours. During these hours, the console will boot up faster and be conveniently accessible for Remote Play and mobile game installations.

This week, Xbox is launching an updated search experience with a sleek gallery-style display that shows results for games, apps, and entertainment. Players can easily refine their search using LB/RB filter categories to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Accessing this new experience is simple – players can tap the search bar, select the magnifying glass, or they can press the Y button on their controller at any point while navigating the console’s user interface.

Although this is not as glamorous as some of Xbox’s previous updates in years gone by, these smaller improvements to the user experience are crucial for enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

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