Xbox App Takes the Stage: Bidding Farewell to Xbox Console Companion

Xbox Companion app
Xbox Companion app

Calling all Xbox gamers! Get ready for a major shift in the gaming world as Microsoft bids farewell to the Xbox Console Companion app, paving the way for the newer and improved Xbox app to take the stage. It’s time to upgrade your gaming experience!

From Console Companion to the Next Gen App: A Journey of Evolution

Back in October 2014, the Xbox Console Companion app made its grand entrance, granting Xbox enthusiasts access to a range of features from their beloved Xbox One consoles on PC. It was the ultimate bridge between gaming worlds. But as technology advanced, change was on the horizon.

Xbox Companion App Discontinued
Xbox Companion App Discontinued

Fast forward to 2016, and Microsoft decided to bid adieu to Xbox One SmartGlass, putting the spotlight firmly on the Xbox app as the primary connectivity option between Xbox One and Windows PCs. This versatile app allowed Xbox Live users to indulge in a plethora of perks, from browsing and purchasing Xbox One games to tracking achievements and viewing game captures. It was a gamer’s dream come true!

As if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft’s grand plans continued to unfold. In 2019, the app underwent a transformation, morphing into the Xbox Console Companion app, as the tech giant geared up to launch an all-new Xbox app with PC Game Pass integration. Excitement was building!

You know what they say, all good things must eventually come to an end. The time has come for the Xbox Console Companion app to take its final bow. On August 28th, the curtains will fall, and the app will be officially deprecated. No more downloads, no more support – it’s the end of an era.

Welcome to the Xbox App: What’s New, What’s Improved?

Fear not, dear gamers! Microsoft has your back. They urge you to embrace the future with open arms by downloading the new Xbox app. This powerhouse will keep you connected to all the wonders of Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S through your trusty Windows device. The Xbox Console Companion website now points you straight to the Xbox app website, making the transition seamless and effortless.

Of course, it’s understandable that some fans might feel a tinge of sadness saying goodbye to an app that’s been a loyal companion for almost eight years. If only the news had come a little sooner! But hey, the gaming show must go on, and Microsoft is determined to enhance your gaming journey.

With the Xbox app, expect exciting updates and improvements in the pipeline. You asked for direct downloads for game captures and the ability to connect multiple Xbox controllers at once – and Microsoft is listening!

With the new Xbox app, you can dive headfirst into the world of PC Game Pass titles, unleashing a treasure trove of gaming wonders. So, get ready to level up your gaming adventure and make the most of this groundbreaking shift in the gaming landscape. It’s a new era for Xbox, and you’re at the forefront of it all!

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