Nintendo Switch: Ageing like Fine Wine with Record-Breaking Sales in Japan

Nintendo Switch Record June Sales
Nintendo Switch Record June Sales

In an extraordinary turn of events, the Nintendo Switch, a six-year-old veteran in the world of consoles, has outdone itself yet again by establishing a new sales record in Japan for the month of June. This feat is truly remarkable, considering the console’s age, indicating that this seasoned tech wonder might still have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Nintendo Switch: From Sparse Launch to Record-Breaking Sales

The Nintendo Switch first stepped into the gaming arena back in 2017. The games on offer during its inauguration were a bit thin on the ground, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being the pick of the bunch for many players who mostly stuck to this title throughout the launch year. Nevertheless, let’s fast forward to 2023, the Nintendo Switch has seen over 120 million units flying off the shelves, and Nintendo has added more than 50 hit exclusives to its repertoire.

The success of this chameleon-like console has been nothing short of staggering, outpacing even the PS4 in sales, wiping the slate clean of the rather underwhelming Wii U era, and the Switch keeps on smashing records.

Twitter user Stealth40k was the one to bring this remarkable feat to light, highlighting just how extraordinary this achievement is. In their post, they reveal that the Switch is hurtling towards the 30 million sales mark in Japan and is on course to claim the title of Japan’s top-selling console in the coming year.

Looking forward, there are two massive releases poised to hit the market later this year in Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Given the hype around these titles, it’s highly probable that more records will tumble in their wake.

With Nintendo basking in the limelight of its current console’s success, it naturally leads fans to ponder about the possible release of the Switch 2. The demand for a revamped version of the Switch has been simmering for a while now, but with the original console continuing to shatter records, it’s plausible that Nintendo may opt to ride this wave of success a little longer before launching a successor. In the fickle world of gaming, striking when the iron is hot can be key, and right now, the Switch’s iron is positively glowing.

Source – Nikkei

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