Super Mario RPG: A Much-Awaited Remake Announced by Nintendo

Super Mario RPG Nintendo Direct
Super Mario RPG Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has sprung a delightful surprise on its loyal fanbase, revealing an overhauled remake of the much-loved Super Nintendo classic, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Sidestepping the hubbub of the Summer Game Fest, Nintendo chose to broadcast this fantastic piece of news via its unique summer Nintendo Direct event, an extravaganza of forthcoming Nintendo Switch delights.

Super Mario RPG: A Classic Reborn for the Switch Generation

Anticipation had been building in the lead-up to the Nintendo Direct, with whispers in the gaming community hinting at a legendary Super Nintendo title being rebooted for the Nintendo Switch. A few hopeful whispers suggested Chrono Trigger was getting a makeover, but the dust has settled, and the spotlight is firmly on the Super Mario RPG remake.

The reveal of the Super Mario RPG remake came in the form of a dazzling trailer that unveiled its spectacular graphical upgrade. It seems that the remake will stay true to its roots, retaining the same gameplay fans know and love, while giving it a 21st-century facelift and some spit and polish in certain areas. Eager to delve back into the legendary title?

Well, mark your calendars for November 17th, when this golden nugget hits the Nintendo Switch shelves. You can secure your copy now by pre-ordering.

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For the uninitiated, Super Mario RPG is the forebear of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. It marries the turn-based mechanics synonymous with RPGs with elements drawn straight from the heart of the Super Mario universe. The Legend of the Seven Stars was showered with praise upon its 1996 release, and the remake looks poised to bask in similar accolades when it finally drops.

Super Mario RPG: Revisiting Iconic Characters and Gameplay in the Remake

Super Mario RPG Nintendo Switch

As expected, Super Mario RPG boasts a plethora of familiar faces from the Mario realm, along with some fresh, new ones. Among these, Geno, the animated puppet garbed in blue, is a standout. Despite clamours from fans for his inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. lineup, Geno’s moment in the sun is yet to arrive. However, the Super Mario RPG remake might just swing open the door for Geno’s long-awaited debut in the series.

Time will provide the answer, but for now, the imminent arrival of the visually enhanced and improved gameplay of the iconic game is a treat enough for Nintendo enthusiasts.

Clear your schedule for November 17th when Super Mario RPG makes its exclusive landing on the Nintendo Switch.

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